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Ukraine vs Russia: Is Ukraine a “David”…or a “Goliath”?

I have been following the events in Ukraine like a soap opra. Hope mingled with despair mingled with euphoria. I have sat on the sidelines, throwing my hands at the Russians while I watch the “show”, as if it were a ringside seat. I have been praying for hedges of protection around the righteous and for the enemy to fall. I have been watching the many videos of Ukrainian bravery and the stories of Russian demoralization in the hands of their little rag-tag army. I deemed this our 21st century David vs Goliath and prayed that every “sling” shot from Ukrainian forces would land 100 fold damage.

And then something happened that make me wonder……..which enemy?

I started wondering why so little is coming from Russia and so much, even little clips of farmers stealing Russian tanks from urinating Russians on a break, was copiously spilled on every platform. And I watch the newscastors shake their heads and subtly incriminate Russia as the bully. Why would the airwaves give so much time to this? What is the real agenda? Usually what the news outlets share is generally a twisted truth or lie, so am I being deceived into thinking Russia is the bully and Ukraine is the fiesty little victim?

The “official” analysis is that Putin is wanting to regain the USSR. And of course this may be true. But what if there is a deeper reason that he cant or wont state without proof?

Looking at the history, there is a very good reason why Putin is invading and why Ukraine may be in bed with a load of corruption that Putin wants exposed. And that came out last night in a video from a Ukrainian who knows the truth about the allegations that Biden has been dodging for nearly a decade.

So what if Putin is sick and tired of Biden getting away with murder and mayhem using the Ukraine assets (and secretly stealing from the Ukraine people) and is going after the proof? And of course, secondarily, going after Ukraine’s resources to add back into Russian control. I dont think Putin is righteous by any means, but if he knows the truth and is fed up with the lies, then this would be a strong secondary motive.

I would think America (IE: Biden) would respond with military help if this is true to protect himself, but currently there are no plans to intervene. Perhaps he is waiting for people to demand it and manipulating our emotions with all the story propaganda of poor brave Ukraine, so that Biden can then sweep in and save the poor Ukrainians, and in turn protect the truth and raise his dismal ratings. This certainly is an (evil) win-win strategy, assuming we dont get our asses handed to us like Afganistan, and time will tell.

So, knowing that the story of Job is a powerful warning against analysis of intention and inward sins, I have changed my prayers for the Ukraine and I am praying for these issues:

  1. Christians will be spiritually, mentally and physically protected, have access to what they need, be given a platform for their witness.
  2. Ukraine and Russian forces will have their hearts prepared for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and have access to the gospel message and to Bibles, which are in critically short supply (and you can help in this effort and this link is to the Ukrainian Bible society). https://www.biblesociety.org.uk/latest/news/pray-for-us-says-ukrainian-bible-society/
  3. The truth will come out, and if there is absolute proof that Biden is guilty of all the crimes stated then he will be tried and punished along with his cronies, or potentially a portion of our elected leaders from the look of it.
  4. The proof is protected from anyone trying to destroy it
  5. That all those who are involved in the crimes in the Ukraine will be exposed and punished.
  6. That innocent Ukrainians who are not in the know are protected from harm, and have access to what they need to survive.
  7. That El Shaddai will promote the defeat of the Russians if Putin only intends a covetous invasion.

I know that I am one who is prone to deception. I am gullible and want to believe people, and that is not our reality. I want to believe that this situation is as it seems and cheer for the underdog. But I am also sick of deception and manipulation and lies. Only the Lord knows the real truth, so I will continue to watch, and pray and hope for a just outcome.

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Indightment against America: Wastefulness

While the misdirected whine about gas emissions and climate change, which has destroyed civilizations almost exactly every 500 hundred years since recorded history, we selectively ignore the underlying sin of wastefulness…except where it suits us.

The terrible wastefulness in our stores. Did you know any grocery food, including dog food, must be discarded if the packaging is not intact? So if a grocery store stocker accidentally puts a hole in a dog food bag it is discarded. My son, who works as a stocker in a grocery store, is appalled at the waste generated each day. These food items could be sold cheaply or given away verses discarded into our landfills. Restaurants are the same. As I see very few wet canned food in stores for pets, I wonder when we will wake up and work to preserve and not destroy.

I am disgusted with TV home improvement shows. “Flippers” and homeowners who purposefully destroy perfectly good wood and cabinets and countertops simply because they don’t like the aesthetic. It is disgusting and evil. These items could be salvaged if they took a moment to do that. Many of these rooms and items are perfectly fine and could be saved with some repair, sanding and paint. Even the ones that have issues could have much of the wood re-planed or salvaged. Of course, some have a token item that they “re-make” into a piece of furniture for the glorification of the show, but one item does not absolve them of their sins. For our entertainment, they destroy usable items on their demolition days.

From my own building woes, I know the terrible waste generated, waste that no one sorts out to find the usable. We see piles of it on our property. So many good nails, wood, buckets and other “rubbish”.

In Victorian times, almost everything was recycled. There was the “rag man” and the “bone man” who came to pick up scraps from houses. They were masterful at reusing and recycling. Consumption MUST be balanced with waste, for discarding items and damaging our wildlife and our water supply is as sin against our very stewardship assigned to us by El Shaddai, our Creator. Our consciences were dulled for a while with the blue “recycling” bins….until investigators “outted” what really happened to this stuff.

Selling it to other countries to bury? Sounds like the American dream.

Money on the throne writes a constitution engraved on deeds of depravity

Our wastefulness knows no end. From buying cheap goods to have a closet full of clothes, to cutting corners on product manufacturing to silly practices created by a litigious society, we have de-valued every material given to us. We have spent billions on expensive and dangerous medicines when cheap solutions are readily available because a patton cannot be obtained for exploitation. We have embraced deception and lies in order to put money in our pocket, for “views” are more important than “truth”.

A society that lies to itself cannot stand.

A society that discards its very life every few years has no history.

A society that doesnt care about it’s “stuff” soon doesn’t care about its citizens, as we have daily proof.

It is a natural progression.

Do I believe in “Gaia”? No. But I do believe in Stewardship. While the climate changes are in the hands of the Lord, and His anger heats the earth for judgment, I believe that poor stewardship is part of a larger whole of sin and corruption.

So the authors of a letter to Neuroendocrinology stated that a worldwide phenomenon of destruction occurs almost exactly every 500 years. The paper is very interesting related to the history of various civilizations and the Babylonian calendar of gods– the origin of the real interest in the occult “72”– in that they believed that 7 gods each ruled in turn for 72 years, which equals 504, and that is spot on the historical timelines. In the end, the authors can’t stomach the idea of powerful beings controlling events, so they end with a stupid suggestion is that it is “androgens”. No, it is El Shaddai who raises and destroys civilizations, with or without the ‘help” of the principalities and powers of the air. Their mode of operation is generally through natural disaster or warring factions; possibly the cyclic heating and cooling events cause a chain reaction. Yahovah allows this as He uses these events to accomplish His ultimate Will. The current cycle is at the very end, the start of which was around the year 1500. Since I don,t believe there is another 500 year cycle before Yeshua’s return, the Abyss should open very soon, if it has not already, thank you CERN, short for “Cernunnos”.


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Is an occult event planned on December 21, 2021?

12/11/21 is one of the premier dates in occult circles. For the past month, posts and predictive programming have stated that 12/11 and 12/21 were going to have events.

Lets look at 12/11/21. What happened on this date?

An unseasonable and massive tornadic storm . We know that this was probably one of the events due to the deaths reported. Generally, when events are of occult origin, the numbers reported are occult (IE: the man was shot 11 times, 6 people are dead etc)
Current reports are 6 people dead in an Amazon center, 6 people are dead in Arkansas and Illinois, and 70 are dead in a candle factory. 6 and 70 are numbers significant in Jewish gematria/Q’balah and occult circles. It does not matter the final count, what matters is the initial count and the occult significance of the date. This indicates a larger plan. I am praying that this tragedy has halted plans of our enemy. I am praying for communities to come together, for repentance, for the Holy Spirit to pour out faith and grace on these areas.

So 12/21/21– what’s the deal with this date?

12/21/21 is a “Mirror date”. Mirror dates are considered powerful aides to spellcraft by occult circles. (Mirror dates read the same back and front.) I am not into the occult, so I dont know if, or how, this works outside of their belief. But they believe it, and act on it.

Breaking down the numbers: 12=1+2 (3) 21=1+2 (3) 21=2+1 (3) we have the “trinity of (3) threes. You better believe Satan has his own trinity! We also have the “trinity” sum of 3+3+3=9, another significant occult number. In every way, this suggests “plans”.

Lets look at the historical significance of 12/21/21. This is a significant period without the mirror year. Last year there was a significant celestial alignment on 12/21 suggesting a new king or system was rising. Was this a one year warning? Traditionally, the shortest week of the year was celebrated from around 12/17 to 12/24 as Saturnalia/Yule, a festival to the dark planet Saturn, an avatar of Satan, and Pan-themed revelries . This feast culminates in a human sacrifical night on 12/21 then the birthday of a dying and resurrected god at “christmas” on 12/25. From ancient times, this date was supposedly the birthday of these gods, and birthdays are a powerful pagan construct that tie one to a “Star sign”. Our modern “christmas” was formally called other names, celebrated in far ancient times by a decorated resurrection tree (for the dying and resurrecting god) and gifts. A terrible false “restoration of all things” occurred when Constantine forced an unholy marriage of the pagan with the Christian. Both the physical, spiritual and intellectual planes darkened after this event. Yes, Satan copies EVERYTHING and has his own feasts! And we celebrate most of them! To our shame, Yehovah’s Feasts were stopped by compromising Christians in the early centuries after Yeshua’s death. But our eternal Lord will bring them back, including Sabbath!

So what could be happening on 12/21? Most sites talk about a great earthquake but I QUESTION another event. There certainly could be more than one worldwide event if the Church of Philadelphia is raptured. (Sorry, Laodicia, you will remain to be tried and tested.) 12/21/21 is 93 days from the start of La Palma eruption on 9/19/21 (yes, occult significance). 12/21/21 may be a tsunami event. This possibility has been ruthlessly squelched by the media, but there is enough concern from scientists and military personel that a picture of unease is definitely imprinted on the web.

93 days=9+3=12 an occult number divisible by 2 and 6 and 3 and 4; it is divisible by 3 into 31=3+1=4. Four is the Chinese number for DEATH. 93 is also the number for the Witch Greeting. A number of predictive programming events indicate an event with La Palma as the topic. Of course, the Simpsons flashed a map of La Palma (9/21/97 air date) with the northwestern flank missing; the game Secret Files has La Palma as a story line; the short film I, Pet Goat 2 (2012 short film). The above suggests that China (4=Chinese death) is ultimately the culprit (or patsy) behind unaccountable grid-like quakes on this island that started the reign of terror, with the goal of crippling the USA so they can invade Taiwan without contest. A number of military experts have stated (at personal risk) there will be no warning to the East Coast as they cannot get millions out of the East Coast in time. Check La Palma daily.

What is our response? If you agree that something smells fishy, like the Pope’s (Dagon’s) hat, then you need to target these plans by storming the gates of Heaven with intercessory prayer. We don’t know the plans are, and I have no idea if La Palma is included outside of the occult code, but exactly what it is doesn’t matter, for our Heavenly Father knows all. Ask Jesus/Yeshua for intercession, to shut down all the plans of the enemy if it is in His will. Fast and pray, get your churches together. Christians have power through prayer and access to Yahovah’s Throne. And for the Lord’s sake stop celebrating “christmas” and search out the truth for yourself. “Grace” does not include celebrating the occult. Flee from these evils. PREACH REPENTANCE and release from BONDAGE! Our abominations are high as heaven.

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Flee from Signs and Symbols

Signs and symbols are occult by their very nature.  They are elegant elements of secret knowledge and Icons/Images of the Adversary with layers and layers of meaning; the “popular” meanings and the “occult” meanings.  Do not participate, use, wear or ascribe in any way to symbols for by their very nature they are all that Yahovah hates.  

But what about the “rainbow” sign that God placed in the heavens, or the “cross” or the “fish”?  All of these either have been corrupted or were corrupted symbols when Christian’s wrongly thought to use them, for the Yahovah’s “rainbow” is now a symbol of sin, the “cross” was the ”Tau (” originally a proto-Hebrew sign for curse– among other meanings– that was perverted into the sign of the god Tammuz), and the “fish” was the symbol for the fish-diety “Dagon” as well as the constellation “Pisces”.  Sadly some of the most powerful occult symbols were derived from “proto-Hebrew”, and the original meanings are used in spellcraft. Symbols can and will be perverted over time, that is why Yahovah hates these forms of “graven images” because they can be perverted, they point to hidden meanings and their image is used in spells and worship. Even “innocent” symbols in “games” like “Shadow bunnies” and certain sign language symbols like the “I love you” have deep occult meanings.  (Thank you Helen Keller for your occult influence in American sign language ).

These elements are part of the command to Christ (Yeshua) followers to flee from the appearance of evil. As an example, I have attached two excellent articles below about the deeply occultic and horrifying meanings to the “peace” and “V” signs that are so prevalent on the pages, movies and apparel worn by the masses today.  These are only a few of the multitude of signs that have saturated our daily lives.  The wise and prudent Christian will learn to recognize them and teach others to avoid the appearance of their evil. IF you have been using these, it is time to repent!

The “V” hand sign DOES NOT mean “peace”

“V” hand sign is historically a powerful and ancient majikal (occult spelling) symbol invoking the power of something satanist Aleister Crawley called “Apophis”, the destroyer. As a lier and deceiver, Crawley’s testimony is suspect, but this symbol has persevered after WWII and taken a “life” of its own. Therefore, because Christians believe in it’s ideology of “peace” and “victory” it now has additional power.

The first link is a sarcastic viewer comment on Infowars.com (who posted an encouragement for everyone to re-initiate the “V for victory” campaign promoted by the Masonic/Druid priest Winston Churchill).  In occult and majik, this sign gives one power over an enemy, or in today’s use, is part of the bag of occultism that ushers in the age of the Destroyer.  Apollyon IS rising, as so many “stars” and entertainers have demonstrated in their “666 Eye of Horus” hand sign allegiance. The history of the “V for Victory” campaign is believed to have originated in occult majik, promoted by Aleister Crawley and taken up as a campaign by Churchill  to get power over the ancient occult swastika sign that the Germans stole.  The swastika was being used by the Germans as it is an ancient symbol that was thought in ancient times to invoke the power of Ishtar/Isis.  The “V” sign was advertised and re-intruduced by the deceiving Crawley as a “stronger power”, the symbol of the Destroyer/Apollyon who killed Osiris and caused Isis grief.  In Bible prophecy, it is this Apollyon/Destroyer who will cause Isis/Ishtar (the Whore of Babylon) grief, as her religious headquarters and Chief Princes are blown to Sheol by the Antichrist (Isaiah 47 with companion chapters in Rev 17/18).  Hence, this symbolic war that led to the “V for victory” campaign was a factor in the “Allies” win.  The “swastica” and “V” are ultimately the same, for Satan likes to divide his camp to conquer all, for both sides are really fighting for him when they think they are fighting for “good”.  “He” thinks this is “his” “win-win” strategy but Jesus promises us that this dualistic strategy will ultimately fail in Mark chapter 3.   

We have been taught that these are just crazy stories in mythology.  They are deadly serious and are avatars for the actual demonic spirits and the dual nature (“false good” vs “evil”—all are evil) of our Adversary.  The sun/moon; yin/yang; “good and evil”; morning/evening star; Horus’ right/left eye; transgendered gods are all examples of the Adversary’s dualistic nature in ancient religious icons (idols) .  And occult organizations like the Masonic cult love to display the Adversary’s dualism in their architecture, like the black and white tiles, the two headed “eagle”/phoenix etc.  Choosing one is really choosing the same.  This is an enormous body of work to research, and much has been hidden throughout time to deceive the masses.

This is a short comment on the “V” sign encouraged by Infowars:

This is a harrowing article but at the end you will know what the “V” sign and the “peace circle” entails.

Christians are still in power and we are giving our power to the enemy.

Jesus gives an assurance in relation to group prayer to Peter in Matt 18:18 in the Greek New Testament in that He says whatever is bound on earth is now bound in heaven and whatever is loosed on earth is now loosed in heaven.  The occult teaching “as above so below” is actually opposite to what Jesus declared as “as below so above” (as are many of the Adversary’s teachings).  This statement actually means that it is in the Christian’s sphere of control;  It is “as below so above” in relation to binding and loosing spiritual forces.  The occult openly testifies to this, but Yeshua followers have been weakened through forgetfulness and “science” that tells us the spiritual is a construct and ideology without substance. But faith is a “Substance” and it is our power. Instead we are led to give all power through the use of these symbols, and in reality this gives power to the demonic forces they represent. Be wary! Be mindful of what you do, what you wear and how you show your allegience. Trust nothing without researching it first.

Christians must recognize and BIND all forms of Satanic deceptions through group prayer, then “his” power is weakened.  That is also why it has been “Satan’s” goal to deceive Christians into believing that “his” symbols are good while flaunting his duality.  “He” has hidden “his” dualistic (false good/evil) nature through symbology, and we in our age have accepted it.  We see our acceptance in the “V sign”, the “peace” sign, and other signs like the “Vulcan sign”, The “W-V” sign to name a few (there are MANY).  The more Christians use these, the more power the Adversary obtains, as the use of these signal our allegiance to the Enemy.  At some point, if we do not act to bind these signs through group prayer, Satan’s power will be unleashed fully upon this world.  The Bible has predicted it, so it will come to pass at some point, but it is my hope that we as Christians will have our spiritual eyes opened by Yeshua, and that we will be such a hindrance that the Adversary must kill us to obtain his power.

So where is Yahovah in all of this?  I don’t know His plan, but I do know that He has a leash on these beings and He has written the future and current history through the prophets of the scriptures as if it has already happened.  I do believe that Christians are partners in keeping the “strong man” weak if we know and understand our enemy,  and pray in unison for all of “his” plans to be bound including the symbols “he” uses.  That is part of why Paul instructs us to “pray without ceasing”. I do know that wearing “Satan’s” symbols is dangerous and gives authority to “him”.  I do believe that Yahovah’s plans are incomprehensible to us and many surprises are in store for us in the future revealing.  I “assume” that Yahovah gave permission for the events to occur as they did in WW2 in His Divine Court.  I believe the end result was to re-create a shadow of the land of Israel, although I do not believe this is the Israel prophesied in the Bible as this country does not match the prophetic description of the current people or their current religion.  Israeli’s today are all, at best, a mixed race attributing their heritage to the maternal line, not the paternal, where Yahovah’s promises and inheritances are kept.  All Israel is still hidden, and will be revealed when Yahovah’s wills.  Why do you think they have the dualistic “as above so below” triangle sign, the 6 sided “star” as their image? It is screaming to you in plain sight. Isreali’s today believe and follow the “mystical” Kabbalistic Judaism, an abomination to Yahovah, and their “star” is part of this. History repeats itself again, as the “star” of Ashtoreth was denounced in the Old Testament by Yahovah, leading to their expulsion from Israel. Another long item to research.  

The true Israel will usher in the Messianic age when they AS ONE confess that Yeshua is their messiah; this is His promise AND his sign of His return.  But I know that in the right time Yahovah will work His will.  It is our job to be as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents; to be a Berean and search out the scriptures (by this I mean what the apostles used and quoted from– the SEPTUAGINT and the KOINE GREEK New Testament).   Otherwise information is missing and twisted that can lead to deception.  The history of this is almost soul destroying, for Jewish authorities, in their hatred of Yeshua, corrupted their beloved scriptures. Because of this corruption, the Septuagint is the only uncorrupted scripture in our time as it was written before Jesus’ birth and used by Jesus and the Apostles in their day. Yahovah allowed this, He wants Bereans, not passive readers. Compare the Septuagint and KJV, you will see this to be true. This is a link for some verses and further history. http://ecclesia.org/truth/septuagint.html

I know that in our world today the same thing is occurring, Yahovah holds court and gives authority and permission to whom He wills for reasons He keeps “close to His chest”.  You must trust that He will restore all in the end, and you must be ready to be part of that even to your sacrifice, which will happen to many of us in the last days.  Know too that the Adversary has a plan of restoration involving the resolution of “good” vs “evil” but know that “good” in “Satan’s” eye is not “good” in Yahovah’s and that good and evil can never agree without compromise and perversion.

Please share this post (or the links) if you share the same concerns over this deceptive sign. I have attached a very useful chart for Proto-Hebrew symbols and their original meanings. You will see these in various occult forms over and over again if you look for them.

Further Research:






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The Misapplication of Grace to the Law of Moses

The current philosophy in the Christian (non-Catholic) church is that we are no longer under the Law we are under Grace.  Grace is preached while the Law is a second class citizen. This has set up an era of ignorance by the Christian community. Ignorance breeds deception, and I believe we are wholly reaping the “rewards” of this deception in our current Era. But it is not too late! And while I agree that those who have confessed with their mouths that Yeshua/Jesus is the Messiah, (the perfect and only sacrifice needed to absolve me from the penalty of death that the Law imposes),  Yehovah’s Grace absolves us from permanent death and separation from Him for failure to keep it;  it does not absolve us from obeying the Law.  Yehovah’s Law is so important to Him that He created a people group (His people Israel) to give it to and share with the nations of the world. And through those people He blessed the world through the birth, perfect life and death of His son, the incarnate Yeshua. Yehsua/Jesus perfectly obeyed the law, which is why God accepted His sacrifice, pouring out His holy wrath on Jesus in place of our permanent death. Yet we have promoted exactly that (Grace only) in our services and practices.  Paul refutes this himself when he says: “shall we sin more that grace may abound?  GOD FORBID!” (Rom 6:1-2)  The more I read the Bible the more I believe that the excessive grace applied in this generation to Bible rules is a distortion.  The correct answer seems to be that we are not under the spiritual penalty of the law, but Yehovah still expects us to obey it. Otherwise what is the point of the Apostles New Testament letters? They were about obeying the Law with Grace in action. It is a hand-in-hand practice.

I have heard many Christians counter argue this, that the Gentiles were absolved from the Law outside of what is noted in Acts 15, called the “Jerusalem Council”: 1) abstain from things polluted by idols  2) sexual immorality 3) eating strangled animals  4) eating or drinking blood. They have incorrectly applied this as the whole of the rules needed to operate a Christian life.  This is wholly untrue, a false and deceptive doctrine, and a gross misapplication of this passage.  This passage was a response to 1)  the requirement for circumcision/entrance into the religion of Judaism  and 2) the additions imposed by the Jewish leaders with the scores of additional man-made rules that was a terrible burden on the people 3) fellowship with Jewish believers 4) persecutions under Roman law.  These 4 rules were merely a start for new Gentile Christians, and James explains that this is a starting point for he then says in Acts 15:21: 

“For in ancient generations Moses has had in every city those who proclaim him, for he is read every Sabbath in the synagogues.”

This is an injunction to Gentiles to be in the synagogues, or God fearing worship centers, when Moses’ Law was read in order to learn the Law of Jehovah over time without the additions of Rabbitical teachings that made the Law a burden to the Jews.

It also upholds Paul’s underlying premise in his gospel preachings, which was the Shema “Hear O Yisrael, Yehovah our God, Yehovah is One” [Sama Yisrael Yehova elohim Yehova ehad] Deut 6:4. Paul believed that we were One in Yeshua yet distinct in our national identity. Gentiles MUST remain gentiles. Thus he vehemently refuted anyone who taught that all must be circumcised to be a follower of Yeshua. Circumcision was only for genetic descendants of Abraham. God’s plan of restitution was NOT to convert all to Judiasm it was for all to worship Him and obey His laws in spirit and truth in their distinct languages and cultures. He emphasizes this in Romans 3:31 “Or is God the God of Jews only? Is he not the God of Gentiles also? Yes, of Gentiles also, since God is one—who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith.  Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary, we uphold the law.

If the Law was no longer important why would James say that they should hear it over time?  He wouldn’t! That is the point! The issue at hand was not IF the Law should be followed, it was what people were saying was part of the Law. Circumcision was required only by Jewish males as part of the original covenant of Abraham and his descendants.  The Abrahamic covenant is not intended for Gentiles; it is not Law (it is a genetic covenant with God’s people Israel in regard to permanent promises for land and the line of the Messiah) and these new converts were being told they needed to obey acts like circumcision, which was not true.  James was stating that the true Law of Yehovah (which is not the Talmud additions) was read every Sabbath in the Synagogues, and Gentiles were to initially obey 4 edicts so they could fellowship with converted Jews who still followed dietary practices, then over time they would learn the rest of what Jehovah God commanded through Moses in the Torah.  Moses’ Law was much less stringent than the corruption of/additions to the Law by the Jewish Rabbi’s over the centuries. 

Paul excommunicated a Corinthian Christian (presumed a Gentile although this group comprised both Christian Jews and Gentiles) from the church for breaking Deuteronomy 22:30  “A man shall not take his father’s wife, so that he does not uncover his father’s nakedness.”  Paul clearly showed us that this rule was still important, meaning that the Law was still to be practiced.  Paul agreed that changes in the day of rest was applicable under the Law of Grace, but we are still to practice a day of rest.  And a day of rest is separate from the need to go to the synagogue (or God fearing worship dwelling in that city where the Law of God was read) on the day that they chose to read the Law.  He was saying that the command for the specific day of rest was a choice, but he did not absolve us from hearing the Law on the day it was read and practicing it.

I see nothing in the Torah portion of the Old Testament that is burdensome.  It is a “case law” (or example) rule structure that in its essence through examples commands kindness to others, limitations on animal practices, safe building practices, rules to improve society and what are considered abominations to God—such as crossdressing, which is not expressly the wearing of the opposite sex clothes, but the manner and intention that they are worn (in order to pretend to be the opposite sex) as many clothing items in the Old Testament period were quite similar. We freely practice a number of these injunctions today as Christians because we have lost the knowledge contained therein.

While Jesus broadly took the meat of the Law in the Sermon on the Mount passages He actually EXPANDED it to include deeds ALONG WITH thoughts, while removing the unnecessary and burdensome parts that the Jews had added over millenia that was a tribute to man and not God.  The Law has passages denouncing inaction;  I didn’t know until I read it that God commanded action when one sees a neighbor or enemy stranded on the side of the road.  I think of all the cars on the road that I have blithely passed by without stopping to offer assistance, partly because I was raised to pass this by as a protective measure.  My parents did not know the Law, they knew a distorted form of Grace, and taught that to me. I didn’t know that God sees inaction as sin.  And I think that may be the hardest rule to follow, as we have been indoctrinated into “self-protective” acts and told it is dangerous to help another driver on the road.  But it is also dangerous to drive, yet we do it.

I found the apprentice passages fascinating.  Voluntary apprenticeship was God’s method to prevent homelessness and pay back incurred debt during a time of financial hardship, and it was limited to 7 years.  When a person or family got into financial trouble, they would apprentice themselves to a wealthier member in the community in order to pay back the debt.  They became a different class at that point, yet still had protected rights. Every 7 years they were released from the contract unless they freely chose to stay.  Every 7 years debt was forgiven as well,  all as part of Shmita, the 7 year Sabbath, where land and people were freed.  It was a forerunner to the permanent spiritual freedom that the Messiah would give to all who accepted God’s plan of freedom from the spiritual consequences of sin.  Think about it, if we could re-implement this plan for the homeless in our society!  Apprentice persons in unfortunate and dangerous circumstances in a contractual agreement, and use the wages to either pay back their debt or give it to them to get re-started once the contract expires.  The Law also provides rights for these people in the matter of treatment at the hand of their bosses.  Their treatment and rights in some ways is better than horror stories I have heard (or could tell) of current practices in offices today. It is revolting to me that our Founding Fathers cherry picked what they liked from the Mosaic Law and the echo of the misery over slavery in America resounds ever more loudly.

Which leads me to permaculture techniques.  In Deuteronomy 22:9 it states that two kinds of seed should NOT be sown in a vineyard.  WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT ABOUT?  Isn’t that a good thing?  God made a “very good” creation that works together beautifully.  Permaculture uses this idea and it is a very efficient way of farming, but like all good things, the pagan nations around Israel turned this into an occult practice.  They distorted the inter-workings of plants and animals/insects into the idea that nature was like the modern Gaia philosophy, an intricate organism with conscience.  It became their god, and putting certain plants together was seen as increasing spiritual power.  Because of what they believed, God prohibited/bound the practice of this method for Israel to separate them and protect them from pagan beliefs.  If you doubt this, I encourage you to look up classes of (and complaints about) Permaculture Farming and the spiritual and metaphysical are broadly creeping into the education where even a short time ago it was about efficiency.  It is such a shame, as many crops do better together, but this reality promotes a false religion that will lead to our spiritual destruction.  This is a good point, sometimes God forbids practices that in itself are not bad because human have then made religions from them.  As Christians we may have grace to different kinds of seeds together but we are NOT free to view this as a spiritual or metaphysical practice.  Growing food in this manner may make others assume you are part of this movement, so be careful that you are very clear with others if you choose to start a permaculture garden.

We need to get back to the basics and re-learn that God expects of His people.  What causes me conflict is are there parts of the Law were for that time period and Israelites only?  What I am trying to do is to take the intention of the Law into account without cherry picking it.  So while back in the day Israelites were not to wear wool and cotton together, it was because God wanted them set apart from the pagan nations.  Paul tells us that God wants Christians to dress modestly without gaudy jewelry etc, so the intention of the Mosaic Law is still in effect even though it isn’t met with mixing fabric.  Today it is met by choosing modest clothes that will stand the test of time, that aren’t too showy (to limit covetous thoughts from others) and that cover one’s body parts enough so that others will not be tempted through inappropriate sexual thoughts.  The Israelites were a simple people with a slavery mentality, so God had to be very specific with them.  I believe Grace comes into play when we can adapt the specifics but still keep to the intention.  Just remember to pay very close to and honor God’s intention. With this, I encourage you to know, practice and teach all the intentions and rules of the Law to your children as well as the historical reasons why these were needed in the first place. And I encourage you to think about this and bring this idea back into your worship structure.

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