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The poem below was inspired by a beautiful sunrise and the sadness I feel that few people appreciate both the daily sunrise and Jesus’ SonRise. While this took me only 20 minutes to write, I feel it expresses my desperation, frustration and anguish over our world at large and lost souls seeking meaning in their lives. As a Christian, I am increasingly distressed over the ever-increasing sadness, desperation and evil that is so pervasive in the world.  To those who feel likewise, take this as inspiration and make your presence and beliefs known to all you see. To those searching, leave me a message.  To those who do not share my belief, may God bless you in your endeavor to find meaning in your existence and KEEP SEARCHING.


sunrise (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

As I gaze upon the sunrise,

God’s promise, renewed each morning!

These gorgeous,  multi-hued skies

lost to souls weary and scorning.


Each sunrise daily shows Your Glory!

This wonder renewed, viewed by all eyes,

unappreciated by the lost and forlorn.

Few thank You for this glorious prize.


But fewer men, your finest creation,

praise You daily; your gift of salvation

unknown to these unsaved nations

who daily rise, their unwelcome yoke

hot as flame, heavy with despair.


Unaware that Jesus, in agony, broke

Satan’s hold as Lord of the Air.

Few now seek you in prayer.

Hearts, black with hate, do not care,

rejecting gifts You renew and repair.


We trash your creation, living for cash,

hoping that riches will heal the ache.

Billions of lost, angry, unsaved souls

do not understand what can create

a renewed life, a spirit fully whole.


Belief in Your sacrifice will make

a Son Rise that all can appreciate.


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