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To: Dr Seuss, With Love

Suess Landing at Universal Studios' Islands of...

Suess Landing at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure theme park, Orlando, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahhh, Dr Seuss, the last generation’s first introduction to meter and rhyme.  His quirky iconic humor lifted simple rhyming into a Work of Art in Children’s Fiction.  His books now have to fight with brightly colored glittery shades that sparkle and have little substance (well, except for Little Miss Spider, which I secretly loved and read with more pleasure than my squiggly toddlers!)  So, as an exercise in simple rhyme, I decided to try a Seussian attempt.  How did I start? I chose one end word and worked backward, and the story just made itself.  Perhaps that is how Dr Seuss created his loopy characters….because I sure am hoping it isnt due to any psychedelic assistance….and no, my poor shadow below is not due to some cheap weed….

Ah, what a dinner.

a wonderful dinner!

Now its time to clean up.

Will you wash while I dry?

“What! I?

Wash while you dry?

But I didn’t take a bite

of this horrible dinner!

So I claim my right

not to clean it up!

Not the plates!

Not the dishes!

Not the cups!

The silverfish was too old

The seaweed too cold

The shrimp too fried

The cod oil too runny

And that MYSTERY dish hurt my tummy…..

You think this is funny!

Ohh, I feel quite ill!

Must I do YOUR will?

My time you will kill!

I have plans with Sunny and Bright!

Swimming up to the lights

that are twinkly and white!

I wontIwontIWONT” I cried.

“My fins will get dry

I don’t wanna wash these dishes!

Its not fair to teenage fishes!

If I won the LOTTOFISH,

I would wish this one wish:

I wish to never wash another dish!”

“Now Ive had my fill

of your grumping ill will.

Make your chittering still

and move that Dolphin tail

or get ready to screech and wail!”

Oh– Mr– Dolphin– dear,

WE are having trouble over here.

I suggest you check in

and be ready with your manly fin.”

“Oomph, my dear!”

he said with a tadpole of fear.

“But Im way over here

my snout quite out of trouble.

Over here I can hear quite clear

and agree with you double.”

“Perhaps it is wise,”

slowly answered his wife,

“to swim those eyes

over to our kitchen bubble?”

“But, (with a hiccup), I brought

over my plate and cup

and my duties are up,

or so I thought?”

“Hmmm, you may be right.

You are better off over there.

It will be more fair

to keep the girls in sight

while they go view the lights.”

He delicately shuddered.

“Those lights,” he muttered.

“Ruin every good pappa’s night,

and puts me in quite a fright.”

“No,  No, momma, there is no need!

See me washing  with my fastest speed?

These dishes will be washed indeed!

And then may I please be freed?”

(No self-respecting Dolphin teen

Would be caught dead at the scene

with the limp second-in-line to her queen.)

With a show of thought

Momma nodded and brought

over all the other dishes.

“You may go, only know

that only good Dolphin fishes

who obey momma’s wishes

with not a fin of a fight

may EVER go see the lights!”


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