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courage in persecution

courage in persecution (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

I wrote the below poem in great distress following a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer at the age of 41. Most people take stock of their lives following a significant illness or disease, and I am no exception. I have always vaguely felt guilty over my “backseat Christianity” , but deeming my life too busy, I didnt feel I had much left to give to my faith. I was sitting in Church one Sunday after my diagnosis and the sense that my time may be up with nothing spiritual to show for it just overwhelmed me. God had given gifts to me that I chose not to use, and my spiritual bucket was empty. I have always watched the suffering of Christians in other countries with empathy and sadness, but dissociated with my life and uncertain of what I could ever to do help them. We are so ungrateful for our freedoms, and I fear that someday soon we will lose the religious freedom that the Pilgrims risked life and limb to achieve. I pray that the following touches your soul, wakes you up, or inspires you to make an effort to evangelize in your community.  Amen and God Bless You.


Week after week I hear pastor speak.

But my heart, lukewarm, does weakly beat

And  in apathy I neither pray nor seek

God’s purpose, His own special plan for me.

 I think of others who cannot openly worship You,

Their actions condemned, yet  faithful and true.

Warriors in battle they live in constant danger;

Bravely sharing Christ’s message to strangers .

 We fatten ourselves on our free Christian feast;

Gorging on fast food religion  for health.

Yet hide Jesus message like lean ferrel beasts;

Our Bibles stacked unread on our shelf.

Our country is “free” but God’s light poorly glows!

Off shore banks stuffed with earthly wealth!

Our heavenly interest flat without  growth;

Our gluttony has lulled us with languid stealth.

Harvesting souls for Christ  boring and slow.

Oh Lord sweep out the ashes from a fire now cold!

Rekindle our flame for your message untold!

Give us zeal to witness in tones loud and bold:

“Jesus our Saviour has  broken sin’s hold!

Jesus our Savior has broken sin’s hold!”


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