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My Prayer for Bella

Bella is a little girl who began with pain over a 18 months ago and has deteriorated to the point where any movement is agonizing.  Her mom, Michelle, is a fervent Christian with a huge heart for the children in Africa, and has in faith adopted 3 children from an African orphanage.  The adoption became final shortly before Bella’s illness, finally thought to be disseminated tertiary Lyme disease. Bella has spent weeks and months in several of the finest east coast hospitals with no relief.   Bella just wants to die, and mom is exhausted and frantic for some relief for her child. I wrote this poem for Michelle earlier in the year and in faith I pray daily that she will be freed from this horrifying nightmare. I am releasing this to my blog site to increase awareness of the debilitating effects of Lyme disease in certain susceptible persons.  Any prayers for her are very appreciated.

“My Prayer for Bella”    

(A plea from a mom for her child)

Oh Lord, Savior God and King!

Hear now my desperate prayer!

You control and know all things;

you see Bella’s pain  and despair.

I wish and pray with all my heart

this hard burden that she bears

be removed, lifted, forever depart.

Her frail body, wracked with wear,

is tearing, breaking all our hearts.

Give to me that I may share,

as understudy in an acting part,

and restore her body, fully repaired.                

If I had the power I would steal

this seeming endless curse.

This year seems so surreal;

a night terror in reverse.

Oh Lord, if it be Your will

that her body never heal,

I may find peace to still

feel that You are real.


My cup, broken, cannot fill!

I cannot climb this too steep hill.

My heartfelt hope, my dream:

that like faithful Job,  I will be

not bitter with this earthly scene.

And, someday, You will let me see

what seems like Satan’s hand on me.

For right now I want to scream,

“Please set Bella free”!


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