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Ode To The Air We Share

Large-scale Fractal Motion of Clouds

Large-scale Fractal Motion of Clouds (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

It is THAT TIME again.  Influenza immunizations. So to celebrate needle phobia, nose squirts and children’s screeches, I wrote a (mercifully short) poem about the air we share.

Many complain, some bitterly, about workplaces forcing them to get vaccinated.  Issues from our rights, to the government using us as petri dishes, are touted as reasons for not getting one.  But rights are limited; you don’t have the right to harm others, therefore you do not have the right to expose others to your germs when it could be prevented. And yes, some years the flu shot isn’t very effective, but the intention isn’t 100% immunity; it is to keep you from expensive hospitalization, loss of work and death.  And “herd immunity” is all that some people (infants under 6 months and the severely immunocompromised) have to protect them.  As to petri dishes, you are one every time you eat a fruit, vegetable or drink fluoridated waterGenetically modified foods and fluoridation pose a larger threat to your health and well- being.

And I may be obtuse, but why would the government harm its’ main source of revenue?  The government as a body is self- serving. It wants healthy workers to make taxes and keep healthcare costs as low as possible. Pretty simple. Now, if your argument is that some lots are contaminated that go to the poor or other countries as living experiments, I have less to say as, once again, the government is self-serving.  And if they could do this without detection, I wouldn’t put it past them.

So I cheerfully get my flu shot not just to protect me, but to protect those I love and the kids I care for at my pediatric hospital.

Below is a (I hope humorous) poem reminding us that we all share the same “clean” air. And of course I could not stay away from odoriferous body air….I am a 10-year-old in a well-worn 43-year-old body.  Some things will never change…..

 I never hear persons with germ scares

fear the “healthy” air they share.

For all the air that we breathe,

is blown out from other lungs indeed!

Respect for air that moves here and there

should be our primary creed;

sharing air should also be nasally fair

and gas should be carefully freed.

For I do care as I sniff from there

and my lungs do deeply breathe,

the malodorous scents and body vents

that constantly assault my bronchial tree.

 As children we are frequently taught:

“the tissue is our nostril’s best reprieve”.

For some reason we prioritize nose blows

and covering our faces when we sneeze.

But the simple fact is that ANY breathing act

is recycled refuse,  an unfortunate lot!

And that is an air sharing fact.


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