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Divine Creation

Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Cre...

I am an eclectic poet.  I will write about anyting at all, from the funny and gross, to humor to Dr Seuss to true stories to fiction to drama to illness to themes on worship.  Everyone at some point in time will like one of these, but very few will like all.  Saying this, I think every Christian lyricist or poet/rhymist at some point has attempted to describe the wonders of God’s creation, and I am no exception!  While an impossible topic, it is a worthy effort and allows the poet to strive to describe the undescribable. In the end, no matter the product, the effort is worth the failure.  My goal was to create an impression of His massive work with very few words, and each word chosen for the greatest impact. 

While this was a really hard piece, I enjoyed the mental challenge.  I love the idea of Divine Creation; it gives me a sense that I am part of a greater whole, a beloved creature. To me, the complexity of our universe, crafted by physics and mathematics, imprinted with a distinctive DNA is awe inspiring.  In any case, the birth of our universe is a synergistic combination of theory and faith (be it creation or evolution, as there is no true definitive answer). Whether or not you believe in Intelligent Design, I hope you enjoy the imagery.

Omniscient plan, meticulous, intertwined

Eons of painstaking, divine design

Elements created, carefully combined

Coalescing, swirling, movement aligned


Ever expanding vastness of space

A yin and yang of heat and cold

Design of physical laws in place

Mathmatics the universal mold


Stars unlimited, universal completion

Planets with gravitational bonding

Seven days or ages, omnipotent depletion

Manifested, with One Word responding

Trinity, exhausted, now requiring repletion


Perfectionist,  announcing His Great Work


Virgin Earth, exquisite, untouched, fresh

Mankind created, worship understood

Wonders on wonders now in living flesh


All creation in wondrous display

Visible, God’s glory declared

Man’s free will to fully obey

God’s only wish, a communion shared.


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