Im a Meatbag in a Body Suit

hostess cup cakes

hostess cup cakes (Photo credit: ehpien)

The Hostess drama has shocked the nation and spawned numerous discussions related to whether the power of the union should decide the fate of non-union workers and the company itself.  In the country struggling with a deep recession, should unions be fighting over higher wages? Should they not be solidifying relations with the companies they work with so that their employees still have a job they can go to?  To me, I see the selfishness and greed as another strike against an entity who already have an undesirable reputation.  Unions were meant to protect workers who were subject or vulnerable to abuse.  Instead they have become the Big Brother for Blue Collar employees, and have created an environment where a non-unionized employee cannot  obtain a well  paying job without joining the union of their trade.  This “mob” mentality strikes at the heart of capitalism.  Restructuring on a legislative level must be considered when a company has to shut down because it cannot financially meet the demands of the employees.

I know about the mob and the union.

I lived in Mob Central and worked for 5 years “under the table” at a mob run Italian deli.

My dad worked as a unionized electrician his whole life.  The Local 380 electrical union had almost all large industrialized jobs in the bag in my area.  But my dad’s union was unique.  They only took the best of the best, required loads of training and re-training, and because they worked with only large industrial building projects, there was no one to really strike against, except to hold out if the company wanted their services.  But many unions are not like that. They service one employer, their workers are not well trained or not highly skilled.  But should persons with little skills receive more money than a professional who has spent years in school and has a large skill set that cannot be easily replaced?  The Hostess workers are asking for more money than I make as a BSN/ pediatric nurse and Certified Dialysis Educator who has worked for 20 years in my field.  But I have a missional view, I love my job and the kids I serve, I am grateful for a recession proof job, and I am not greedy.  Most of Americana does not feel this way.  Perhaps if more of us did, we would be a happier nation, have less road rage, have lower blood pressure and smile more.  Something to think about.

Is there good in unions?  Yes.  The strength of unions is in expressing what is suppressed.  Secrets and lies are not kept in the employee bag.  But, there is nothing to say that corrupt unions are immune to secrets and lies.  At least employees can air concerns to the union without fear of reprisal from the company.

The poem below is a bit dark.  While it is focused on the union employee who is just a player in the larger game of the union and company, with a rather negative view of both, and a commentary regarding the similarity between corrupt unions and mobs, it begs the question: Are we all meatbags in bodysuits no matter what occupation we choose?

Am I a meat bag in a bodysuit?

Do I bring home the bacon or the fruit?

Am I less for having an apron versus a suit?

Do I matter as an employee or is this point moot?

Am I doing my share, am I valued out there?

Or am I a hanger on and deserve to get the boot?

Am I a pirate delving for my share of the loot?

Why should I think the world must be fair?

Why am I entitled to obtain an unfair share?

For that is what many are saying out there….

All Big Brothers are poisonous to others.

Eventually their power of negotiation will smother.

For they are a business, make no mistake.

If you are with them, life is financially great.

If you are against them, prepare for strife and hate.

Mobs and unions are similar mates.

Both do not allow for the capitalistic state.

They stomp on competition,  the product is fear.

One passive, one aggressive, both with success.

In both cases, the word is spread far and near:

It is in the employee and employer interest

to negotiate and pay the price deemed best.

This code will negate any negotiation mess

and avoid to all involved undue unrest.


11 comments on “Im a Meatbag in a Body Suit

  1. I’m sorry, but I think the Mayan’s had it right. It is the end of the word as we know it…Twinkies are gone, Obama got reelected, what’s next?!

  2. The answer could be both depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting.:) my initial reaction was bacon! lol sorry i must be hungry:)

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