Distraction Attraction

(Satan wrestling with Archangel Michael)

Sigh….. my bizarre color choice for Christmas is what you see…..this template is NOT holiday friendly!  So to officially kick off the Christmas season, I felt it prudent to remind myself of the real reason why I celebrate this holiday and change out my colors….to this.  And no I am not manic, although I may be by the time I change out this color scheme again…. at least you will be AWAKE when you click on it  🙂


As I sit in front of my computer typing this blog, with Amazon and other sites in the waiting list for Christmas shopping, with cellphone in pocket, DVR locked and loaded in the background,  I realize how very hypocritical the below will seem.

And it is.

And I am.

But I write this bravely, knowing that I am the first in line needing this reminder  not just at Christmas but every day.  Christians are too in tune to our I-tunes than we are to God’s command to GO and seek the lost. And I am extra sensitive to this at Christmas when I am asked to get EVERYTHING electronic in our house upgraded or changed out as a Christmas present. So, in protest,  I wrote this poem as a reminder that Technology, while a powerful tool, also brings powerful temptation to both sin and meaningless entertainment.  And where does all that money go until the next upgrade? Yup, down the drain into the pocket of corporate Somebody.

And while technology and devices arent inherantly evil, I must be ever vigilant that Satan will do all he can to distract and cause me to spend less time in worship and prayer and more time in fruitless pursuits.  And if my faith is in the back seat playing computer games, who is driving me? 

So I will try, and I hope you will think about who or what is driving you in your own life. 

And God Bless Us, Everyone.


Our electronic life, so full of attraction!

All worldly wonders now a click away.

When gone, panic is our first reaction;

Each minute like hours without our “play”.


Time now filled with manic distraction

with little of it left to be quiet and pray.

We don’t realize the actual fraction

withdrawn from time with God every day.


Beware, Satan’s title is  “Lord of the Air”!

He controls this seductive electronic parade

and flies with glib glee on every air wave,

tainting hearts that could otherwise be saved.


We blindly feast on our entertainment crave

as his media slithers down the evil grade.

With sly patience he addicts the TV slave’s;

Brainwashed, few see what he has made.

He is the master of lies; we have been played.


Wake up and listen to every word said!

“Background noise” allows him in;

He is whispering his lies into your head

and tempting even the strongest to sin.


2 comments on “Distraction Attraction

  1. I saw your comment on “Is the internet evil?” on Unshakable Hope and decided to look further. I believe the analogy of the internet to the Roman road system is spot on. But an awful lot of the stuff coming down the electronic highway is just entertainment, sent to distract us, or detour us, from real life.

    • I agree! Electronic entertainment, since the inception of the TV, has created a society of compartmented families. We all go to our own areas of the house to do our own entertainment. Bible reading or conversation is a rare find. And I speak for my family as well. But Satan is Lord of the Air and he controls the airwaves, and the evil coming from most music,TV and movies and parts of the internet certainly prove this.

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