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Mi Hermano

My only sibling is 14 months older than I am, a brother named Stacey, a name given to him from a whim of my mom. I don’t think he would have chosen this name, but it was distinctive, and there was only ever one Stacey in class.  Saying that, he is my childhood, the good and the bad, and not having brother memories would make me incomplete. While we talk very little now, he was my first and best playmate. I love my “Dathy”!

Happy Happy Birthday, this poem is for you:

My big brother, sibling prime;

my young playmate, best friend.

Heedless of the passage of time

we played for hours on end.


My childhood memories often blend

a cloudy rainbow colored hue.

Our innocent games sweetly lend

memories both happy and blue.


Even though I never won

I just loved to play with you!

Most of the time we had such fun!

We were brother-sister glue.


As time passed we grew apart;

our short lived childhood quickly flew.

A teenager now, you had no heart

for my dowdy , unpopular, unworldly views.


Your “relaxed and cool” image, newly smart;

a younger unpopular sister, old news.

I thought you a bit of an ass-fart;

You thought me a girl who would always lose.


And your bubble butt was now firmly parked!

Your friends, now best, are what you choose.

You kicked up unending teenage larks;

Teenage trouble your goddess muse.


In time you grew out of your fast life love

and became all I hoped for you.

You have put your treasure in God above

your heart, bold for Christ, glitters renewed.


I am proud to call you my brother!

Christian, professor, husband, father;

You are unique and like no other.

And have my timeless sibling love.

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