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2013: The year of the “Un-Luck”

Why is thriteen an unlucky number? In some cultures it isn’t. The pat reason I get is that it is a remnant from Black Friday when the Knight Templar organization was demolished in a bloody coup around 700 years ago.

Knights Templar Drawing

Knights Templar Drawing (Photo credit: Steve Nimmons)

My son and nephew were born on a Jan 13th. And both have the exact same difficult temperament and personality. So proof for me of unlucky 13? As I weep at times under the crushing stress trying to deal with a 13 year old on any drug he can get his hands on, yes, I do wonder. But perhaps it is like a full moon; you notice events because of the event. In my case, I notice my son’s difficulties because of his birthday number.

   While I am not at all superstitious, customs of superstition pervade our society, and it is difficult not to have some uneasiness when they have been whispered secrets over the course of a lifetime. And poor black cats get the shaft for sure.

Solar Storm

Solar Storm (Photo credit: lrargerich)

So is 2013 going to be “unlucky”? According to conspiracy sites, it is a resounding YES.   A huge solar storm may wipe out our technology in 2013 leaving people stranded all over the globe. The show Revolution is loosely based on this premise.”The magnetic poles will shift, causing mass havoc.”

Small Companion to Brown Dwarf

Small Companion to Brown Dwarf (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

The binary sun theorists say that our brown dwarf sun is supposed to be at the closest point ever to earth in it’s 25000 year cycle, causing massive tides (which strangely has been in the news). The Mayans didnt even have a calendar for 2013.  As to their thought process, was this because the 25000 year cycle restarted so they were going to recycle their prior calendars? Or was time to just “end”?

The Bible says that God puts “signs and portents” in the sky, so the amazing astronomers in ancient times, who had virgin skies unpolluted by light, and little to entertain them when the sun went down, knew more than we ever will about the intricacy of the heavens, Hubble telescope and all.  And weird stuff is happening: red rain, seas turning blood red.  Apocolyptical stuff not to be sniffed at.  So what do I think?  I think 2013 has as much chance of being as crappy as 2012 outside of bizarre and rare natural events.  And a good chance of being worse.  Call me negative,  I just cannot “bet” on it being better.  While Jesus said to be “anxious for nothing but in prayer and supplication present your requests to God”, I find myself anxious for everything.  But there is one, the greatest one, item I am not anxious about and that is my faith.  The Bible says that “now is the time for salvation”.  If I were a betting person, I would put all my eggs in this one basket.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another year on my belt

Another wrinkle to be felt

Another psychological welt

Another bad hand I am dealt

Anxiety raises it’s heart pounding roar

I wish my mood would calm once more

But my brain chooses to wage this war

and the cares of this world leave me scarred and sore.

Thank God for faith; I would be lost for sure.



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