My Restless Site Syndrome

When I was in college, my first room-mate loved to change our room around. 

I loved to change our room around as well; we were a college match made in heaven, and we were “famous” for our room re-do’s.  Some were quirky, some odd, some outright dangerous, but in the end, we had a clean slate to mess up and look at and try on for comfort.  And it would last for a bit before “Hey…. what do you think about putting the ends of my bed on the desks, and putting yours under it, sticking out like a tongue to the side? That way we could have a little hide away spot…..”

I am not ALLOWED to do this in my home. So I live in dreary “mundanity”, seeing the same furniture groupings, the same walk-through.  While we were moving up houses, every 5 years or so, I endured, but we are at the top of our annual income housing food chain, so 7 years into this home, I am restless, wanting to move Something around for a fresh look.  The best I get is Christmas-tree-moving-furniture back a couple of feet.  But as our dratted tree is as fat as it is tall, I am more than happy to tear it down, as I have to watch  TV from my favorite chair through its branches.

Then comes blogging.  Ahhh, a virtual house of my own!  My own choices of modular themes and widgets and colors and fonts for a small upgrade (gladly paid).  But I have not been satisfied since starting it. I have no computer or graphic talent.  My first theme just wasnt working out well.  I wanted “drop down sections” from the top of the site, and this had side “sections”.  And while it appealed to me in a romantic way, I couldn’t find a decent picture for the top (I don’t do photography either, yes I am a sad, sad little person).  So, the site looked like a gift bought at a children’s Santa store. I re-did and re-did, and decided I was re-doing more than blogging.

 So effort #1 abandoned, and I found my current theme, which I love in all ways but one.  It is intended as a dark themed site.  I have tried to ignore this, and have come up with wacky color schemes, but some colors I just can’t change, and so far nothing I have tried has come out great, or even good, to be really honest.  And a blog isn’t a good blog without the eye candy.  And the eye candy is what inspires the reader.

In my profession (Medical), Health Literacy is all the rage.  It takes elements of magazine layout and art and uses visual details to create educational materials with easy readability, relevant pictures and lots of white space to make the medical learner WANT to read it.

Advertisement, meet Education. Ug.

So now I have to be an educator and a children’s magazine designer. I love writing, but not brain-dead 3-5th grade reading level.  But, even my poor efforts on this blog has helped me realize that page readability grabs people’s attention. I have realized that even if I  had a Freshly-Pressed-worthy post, if it isn’t full of bells and whistles, it wont get much attention.  Ahhh… the product of our advertisement loaded society.

One hundred years ago (+) there wasn’t this pressure for eye candy over content.  We have jumped back, not forward.  As I am a lover of old books, the syntax, content and “grade level” leave us in the dirt.

But,  back to my blog, anyone who has come to it more than once has probably seen it in various colors, themes and so forth.  Instead of loving to change things up like I did in college, I find changing a blog site a pain in the “tooshie”, because then I have to look at other posts to see if they look weird.  And generally they do, so I have to fix them up a bit.  So, like my house, I am sticking with my current one, which my latest re-do a few days ago and took me hours to configure, as, again, this theme is not happy with colors other than what was initially set up on it.  BUT….I am happy with the results, even if it isn’t the white background that I see on so many sites.  I am different, I am goofy, I am original and I march to the beat of my own drum.  I may never get awards, but as long as I am happy, it is worth my award free status.  🙂 So here is a goofy poem that matches this goofy post:

Reading a blog, what a delight!

Unless the blog is simply a fright…t

Should they be told it’s really not right?

Or let them wonder why a “like” isn’t in sight?

Oh, the power of a great blogger’s might!

If chosen, they can help the small “see the light”;

Although I am afraid the background of white

Is the Haute Couture fashionable height!


2 comments on “My Restless Site Syndrome

  1. I had the same plight
    with my blog one night
    My blog was a fright
    all black and all white.
    Simplicity I read
    was the way to be read
    “Nay, nay knucklehead,”
    My blogging friend said.
    “Too blah, too plain.
    You must do it again.
    It’s just too insane.
    It fuzzies the brain.”
    “Okay, my friend dear
    Help me out here.
    It seems to me clear
    You’ve nothing to fear.
    So she took the wheel
    and made it look real.
    Now my blog’s got appeal
    with her new look and feel.

  2. She did a great job with it! While it is white, it has enough color and interest to keep reading. It looks very professional, important with your editing skills. I had a look over and the strong content matches the look. But I am sure you had a lot to do with what you wanted for the look and feel of the site. My favorite site is “simply bluey” for the look of it, but she is very talented in her own right. I shall keep this look for a while, just don’t be shocked one day when it is salmon colored, or, worse, pea green… 🙂 And, love the poetic style!

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