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A Whale of a Tale


Crab (Photo credit: soundofdesign)

I haven’t posted a “Dr Seussish” rhyme for some time, so I have been itching to post one.  This simple children’s rhyme tells a tale of a bullied crab who was ordered to go get dinner by his Wife and gets in a load of trouble from his poor fishing skills.  I would like to say that Mr Crab wins the day, but true to life he just finds another bigger, badder creature to bully him in a bigger and badder way.   But as he is not eaten, tortured or boiled,  I think he came out of the altercation better than he expected! And, of all things, my husband says this is an allegory of our marriage….I choose to use a smiley face to this  🙂

So while I would like to say there is a moral here, the only moral is that bullying is a reality for everyone over the spectrum of our lifetime.  People think that bullying ends by the time High School is over.  But that is just when the overt bullying ends and the more dangerous, subtle bullying begins.   And most of you can relate to a job where you were bullied, aware that another employee was bullied or were the one trying to squish the happiness out of a fellow employee.

Some professions, such as nursing, are openly picked out for bullying problems, but any job is rife with a totem pole of people scrambling to get to the top.   And while I don’t have any answers, the practice of choosing your attitude, putting yourself into the other person’s shoes, and taking a deep breath before speaking can avert at least some of the situations.  And I believe everyone has bullied at one point or other, it is part of human nature. To anyone I have harmed, I apologize.  To anyone who has harmed me, I forgive.


A jump on my pole!

A fish juicy and whole?

I sure would like a bowl

of Wife’s hot juicy sole,

for dinner was my goal

as fishing is not my role.

With Wife’s temper on a roll,

I must pay the marriage toll

and go to the fishing hole….

or my soup will be full of coal!

I hope, I hope, I hope

a fish is on my rope

for I can no longer cope!

I am starting to mope;

Fishing is not for me…

Nope, Nope, NOPE!

GASP! I’m gonna faint!

For that catch sure aint

a fish fit for a bullied saint!

I have no decent restraint

for that monstrous giant!

Wife shall hear my complaint!

I refuse to be compliant!”


Well, well, well what do I see?

A crab with his pants full of pee?

I am not happy, no sir-ee!

You harpooned my snout

you  blind mis-aimed lout!

Use your claw and get it out

and no peep of a shout

or I have no doubt

your health will not be stout.

And your family I will route!”


Sir I am shaking with fear!

Your shouting I do hear!

I assure you with many tears

that I have poor fishing gear

and my unlucky spear

did mistakenly mis-veer!

For I would never come near

a fine specimen of your years.

I know just the thing

after removing the snout sling!

A fine gold engraved ring

fit for the fish of Kings.

I will create it and bring

to this spot, then fling

it to you by string.”


This tale you will not tell.

The details you will quell

or your health will not be well.

If I get a sniff of a smell

you will feel the death knell.”


No problem, Your Sharkness!

I am sorry for this unhappy mess.

You need to heal and de-stress

and get some good sound rest.

The ring this snout will brightly dress

and improve what you possess.

May your snout be blessed

with the best of shark success!”


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