Words that Make You Go Eeeuuww

Words, the foundation of cultures, the formation of ideas, the elevation of mankind to…well, mankind. Words are fundamental to our notion of self and our expression to others. Yet there are some words that just should go away.   F-O-R-E-V-E-R

Words I HateI’m sure you are thinking right now of a couple of words that you just love to really hate. I have a running list of words that rub me raw as a cement block on exposed skin. And if you want me to howl at the moon, just loop them and tie headphones to my head….. an auditory water torture. You think I would embrace all words, as a person who loves to string them together to form coherent thoughts. But artists hate some pieces of artwork, musicians hate some types of music. Does it not make me more discriminating? After all, a handful of words that you will not see me write (other than SWAG, my son’s cultural icon) is nothing to the millions of words floating around in our heads. My personal list is below!

Titties: this may be my all time most hated word.  Not only is it demeaning to breasts and women everywhere, it is creepy and low-class, in a motel-by-the-hour kinda way……

SWAG:  really? This used to be a name for a type of curtain hanging technique. Now it is a gang related cultural ideal. So I hate the definition as much as the word.
Moist:  do I need to say any more?
Panties:  I am positive a pedophile created this.  The creepy-ness is similar to “Titties”.  Ok I’m nauseous now…..
Phlegm:  ick, I feel it sliding down my throat every time I see this word.
Mucus:  ditto
Intercourse:  despite its many definitions, the word gives me the willies.
Chartreuse:  I cant spell it and I hate the color. See what I mean?  It should be thrown out of every book and designer catalog.
MauveI can hardly say it, let alone spell it.  And I’m not really sure of the color….

Suave:  slimy and sticky. I need a shower.
Feces:  really where do these COME from?
Anus:  ditto!!!
Coitis:  I’m sure there is a historic Greek explanation for this, but it rolls around my tongue like a bad French kiss.
Man-purse:  it’s the image more than the word, I think. Although I am constantly kidding my husband about this when he carries his satchel.  Hmmm….satchel, that is pretty close to getting on my list as well…….



2 comments on “Words that Make You Go Eeeuuww

  1. For me – the word is moist. lol.

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