Then There Be Dragons

The following is half in earnest and half in fantasy fun.  Although I still think I may be on to something….and no, I have not hit my head or stopped my bipolar meds.  If nothing else, it is an Interesting Idea…at least I hope you think so.  I welcome any comments as to whether I am a loony or not……

The Fall of Man in Genesis 2 states that Eve was seduced by a serpent, the most intelligent and beautiful of the animal kingdom. Of course, the serpent didnt seduce Eve, Satan did in the guise of this wise creature. But the story has always fascinated me. Who really was this Serpent? Obviously it could talk or Eve would have run screaming away from it. Can you imagine a world where animals could communicate? And obviously it was wise, or Eve would have scoffed at it. So there was trust in its wisdom. And it could walk. Now what creature could this be?

And suddenly it came to me. What fantastic creature is in all literature, all drawings and stories and mythologies of it in all cultures around the world?


This creature was like no other.  It has sentience; it was the most beautiful of creatures;  it had free will (of sorts) or God would not have cursed it into the snakes we now know; it could speak and impart wisdom.  It was so fantastic that Adam and Eve kept its memory and likeness alive for future generations. How I would have loved to have seen it. Of course this is just speculation, but I think it is as good as any. After all, many a stupider theory has existed with no more evidence than this small commentary presents. But I know you will think and wonder after reading, wont you?

And on another note, if I have hit on a Possibiliity it  (theoretically) tics me off that Satan would choose God’s second greatest creation to lie to Adam and Eve. And just as bad, he most likely took away their best creature companion, and what could have also been ours.  We all share this loss, no matter what the actual identity of the creature.


Since the Dawn of Time,  universal legends told

of a mighty fearsome creature, called Dragon in every tale.

Was this  legendary creature once alive, its’ fiery breath now cold?

Gossamer webbed wings, iridescent scales;

Ruler of God’s created Beasts.

Fearsome fiery breath, sharply barbed tail;

Now cursed, hated, you slither among the  least.

Stripped of all you possess, your unearned fall!

Satan’s cruel lie used your beauty and grace;

Your permanent loss suffered by man most of all.

Now a product of legend, your fearsome form and face

live in legend memory, drawn on ancient walls.

Though stolen by the Great Lie, your majesty earns your place.

Mighty Dragon, greatest Beast in all Creation!

Struck down by Adam’s sin.

Cursed creature, stripped from all nations;

now a slithering serpent kin.

Known for your words, intelligent and wise,

Satan used your form, doppleganger in your skin,

 to delusion innocence and open their eyes.

We mourn your loss, stripped by God’s curse,

Victim of the Father of Lies.

6 comments on “Then There Be Dragons

  1. I love this idea/interpretation… and the poem was beautiful. 😀

    • Oh thank you! I love to imagine that dragons were real! And I think any story or legend that has been a part of every culture must have something of the truth in it!

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