My Lost Twisted Road

I wrote the poem below with anguished remorse when I decided to get my heavenly account book balanced with God.  And it was so in the red that climbing out has been a struggle, to say the least.  Thank you one and all who write beautiful encouraging posts.  They are potatoes to the meat of God’s word.  Here are a few (I don’t have space for all of you as I am a Christian blog follower junkie).  If you have not visited them, I encourage you to take a look! And if you have great sites on your list, please comment on them so I can visit!

Gaylord Diaz’s Blog: Pastor and Christian extraordinaire.  Great reading, I learn so much!

Unshakable Hope: ALS sufferer with a heart completely filled by the Holy Spirit.  He has amazing insight and Christian maturity.

Already Victorious: Great sight!  Victoria studies God’s word and compares the English versions to the original Greek/Hebrew.

TEN TWELVE: 25-year-old warrior in the trenches of getting her Doctorate in Counseling.  Loves God with all her heart.

Revelations in Writing: poems and prayers

Meanwhile Melody Muses: great poetry about God’s beautiful natural world

Redemption’s Beauty: finding Christ in everyday events. Amazing photography

Lyn Leahz: very interesting news updates about Israel and prophecy. Christian warrior.  Not for the faint of heart. A little “out there” at times, but I respectfully agree to disagree on some matters.  No matter what, she is getting the word out to people.

Below is a very personal poem I wrote to God, but I thought I would share it in case anyone else was struggling with this as well.  And while I am not a composer, this tune came into my head, and I think it fits the poem very well.  Hope you read and enjoy the song…of course A Capella!

 Set Me Free

I know you had a plan for me;

I chose my path so stubbornly!

Now looking back my road is black.

I cannot change my path without Thee.

Body broken, mind unsound;

I’ve given up, there’s no more ground.

A twisted path is all I see–

Oh dearest Lord please help me.

Please wake me up, un-taint my heart!

Straighten my road, perfect my part.

Revise my plan, help me to stand

And keep me safe from Satan’s hand.

Lord, make my dark road white as snow.

Forgive my sins, restore my soul.

Purify my heart and make it whole.

Set me free that I may show

Other sinners the way to go.


2 comments on “My Lost Twisted Road

  1. Great poem. I know that darkness.
    I STRONGLY URGE anyone who reads this to visit Revelations In Writing. Shannon is an excellent writer and does not hesitate to pour out her heart for God on her blog site. I read her every day. Right now she is in a poetry phase and I’m amazed as her ability to interpret and enhance scripture with her verse.

  2. Hi Lorene, It’s a heart-felt poem, a gut-wrenching cry of the soul–precisely the kind of prayer that God delights in hearing…and answering. May God make His presence, peace, and love known to you…felt…and lead you beside still waters.

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