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A Theory of Everything?

I love Theoretical Physics.  Not the math–YIKES!  But the IDEAS are amazing.  String theory–that the tiniest particles that make up our universe are little resonant strings that respond to sound.  Reminds me of a beautiful phrase in the Bible “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”–little particles resonating to create universal music. Perhaps that is why glass can break with sound.  Anyway, there is a race to discover the Theory of Everything, or M theory.  Scientists need to find the “glue” that unites Einstein’s large theory’s of gravity with crazy quantum physics, as they are basically opposites.  So I have a different theory of everything on a different subject.  🙂

By now you know that I can be a little goofy.  But generally goofy with a question of truth underneath.  Or at least I am delusioned enough to think this.  So here is another oddball theory with an underlying HMMMMM……..I hope you are at least entertained.

For decades, scientists thought that the dinosaurs became extinct from a Great Ice Age.  Then along came the Impact theory, nicely and rather amazingly demonstrated by Jupiter right during the hot debate whether an asteroid impact could actually do that kind of damage.

The dinosaur extinction theory changed from the Great Ice Age to the Great Impact.  But where? After scouring a bit, the Yucatan outline was viewed with a new perspective.  How interesting.  Chicxulub crater is shaped in a MASSIVE SCALE.  Could this be it?


Then you have the hydrophilic theory related to the Great Flood.   All cultures tell of a massive flood, so something extroadinary must have happened.  What if:

A massive asteroid hits the Yucatan peninsula…..

with such force that it split the earth’s  crust…..

releasing unimaginable amounts of water …..

that bursts out with supersonic speed……

high, high up into the stratosphere…..

falling as rain, rain, and rain…..

rain cooling rapidly……

icing up into……


Goodbye dinosaurs……sob……

Fountains of the Great Deep – Hydroplate Theory – Dr. Walt Brown  This is the description by scientist Dr Brown. Fascinating ideas especially in the light of reading the account in Genesis.  Matches-to-a-T.  This is only 4 minutes or so, watch it for a real HMMMM……

But…..AHHH…..if the flood killed the dinosaurs, and the flood accounts are in every culture, then logically that would mean dinosaurs and man lived together…..but haven’t you seen the images of dragons fighting elephants on walls dating 10000 years ago?  And the dragon carvings from the same period? Pick up the pictures, they are jaw dropping when you compare them to archeologist reconstructions of dinosaur species.  There are several books now on this subject.   Just draw the lines together….do you see the picture?

I wonder what they called dinosaurs back then?  What about BEHEMOTH and DRAGON…….again, the Bible describes a massive creature in Job 40.  Read it, then think of the large land dwelling dinosaurs.  See my Then There Were Dragons post for another oddball, yet HMMM theory on dragons.

There is an AMAZING picture book called Dire Dragons by Vance Nelson.  Mr Nelson was struck by how one of the images on an ancient  Chinese dragon tapestry looked just like a dinosaur in structure.  So he then spent years looking at these ancient drawings-tapestries- figurines and was amazed to find that they looked just like many of the different dinosaur species.  This guy just saw something and went with a hunch.  And his pictures tell 1 million words.  Here is one of them.  With all the above, interesting….crazy…..you decide!

St George and the Dragon altar cloth c 1600–compare to archeologist reconstruction of Nothosaurus dinosaur.  How could they have known this back then? The Dinosaur theory was born in the 1850’s.


One comment on “A Theory of Everything?

  1. […] possibility of the Hydroplate Theory related to the fountains of the deep from Dr Walt Brown in my Theory of Everything.  The Hydroplate theory asserts that before the Flood, approximately 50% of the water in present […]

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