I’m Tagged! Yippee!

I love this kind of stuff.  Yup, I stand tall and admit that I love writing answers to goofy questions.

I have the great honor of getting tagged. I, who never win anything, have been tagged by the quirky, humorous, talented and mysterious thelostkerryman who transplanted himself somewhere, either Virginia or  Ireland, the land of my ancestors and my favorite place of all.  I’m hoping it’s Ireland, but I fear it is Virginia.  Perhaps someday he will clear this mystery up a bit. I tremble that he will NOT be amused at my responses.  Sweat is pouring down my brow.  Here goes.

Tagging Questions:

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten in public?

A squid.  Not just a squid, a baby fried squid.  Like fried chicken with a strong chewy flavor.  Unknown to me, I was supposed to take out something like a blue vein before eating it. As I was literally starving (I was in Gibraltar as a summer missionary, and was consuming very little), I just grabbed those little suckers and gobbled them down.  After the last one oozed down my throat, the owner of the restaurant began speaking rapidly in whatever language Moroccans say.  Translated, “What is that little girl doing? She just ate the bowel of the squid. It is not DONE”!  I was embarrassed but grinning widely. My tummy was happy, and the poop shoot surely added to the nutritional value.

2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why?

Elves.  They are hot.  And they have cool stuff like magic bows.  And they love the forest and all things in it. And they are mysterious.  Did I say they were hot?

3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next?

I tell him quite politely that I am allergic to all fur, then begin sneezing violently with mucoid spray.  He will run away, his badger doesn’t LIKE mucoid anything.  The Badger looks at me with offensive glassy eyes.

4. If you were given biscotti, would you prefer it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Not a fan of biscotti, it eats my enamel off. But…..Depends on the biscotti. Let’s pretend it is cinnamon. Chocolate cinnamon is a lovely mix, so hot chocolate it is.  Now if you had said cappuccino, well the answer is obvious.

5. In your opinion, who is the funniest man or woman alive today (commedian)

Robin Williams.  Nanu, nanu

6. If you were given thirty seconds on television to say something, what would it be?

Ahhh….so much to say, so little time…..perhaps some phrase that will be remarked on and repeated and taken apart syllable by glorious syllable. I will be famous for my short yet profound statement.  And the statement is……”Oh schizzle, my pizzle has fizzled”

7. What is your idea of the most romantic date setting ever?

Reality or fantasy?  I will answer both…..Reality–a secluded gazebo surrounded by acres of trees and flowers….no, no, knowing my luck, my date will have furious environmental allergies and will puff up like a Yorkshire pudding……  a fabulous Moroccan tent overflowing with bright stuffed pillows.   Fantasy–a cloud castle with a rainbow slide

8. If you could go on one date with a movie or television star, who would it be and why?

Orlando Bloom.  Cool accent. He’s British. He was an elf.  What more could one want?

9. What is the worst song you have ever heard?

I wanna hippopotamus for christmas

10. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

The Ring of Kerry, Ireland.  Magical. Makes one believe in fairies.

11. Who- in your opinion- was the greatest person to ever live?

Jesus, who else could top the Messiah?…..DUH…..


2 comments on “I’m Tagged! Yippee!

  1. You answered beautifully, and I am honored that you feel honored by my selection of you for this blogging feast of quirky questions. By the way, I agree totally with numbers 10 and 11. Be blessed.

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