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Amazing Grace and Poetic Testimony

Philippians 4:23 and "Amazing Grace"...

Philippians 4:23 and “Amazing Grace” poster Photo credit: Martin LaBar

I have a tendency to write long posts.  The last one was so long that I decided people would give up after my long discussion, so I separated the poem out.  This is a poetic synopsis of my turning away from God and how I returned a prodigal daughter. I have added three verses of Amazing Grace, each with a unique difference.  The tune is so versatile and I am amazed at how many ways it can be arranged. Verse one is the traditional song.  Verse two is a cantos that I developed–my higher notes will break glass and eardrums, sorry about that…..  Verse three is a very hard arrangement and I struggled with it a bit. I sang it with a violin in mind.  After many tries, this is the best I could achieve, but I think it is a very unique and interesting arrangement.  I hope you enjoy all three of them. My poem is below these links for the verses.

Amazing Grace v1 Traditional

Amazing Grace Verse 4 Cantos

Amazing Grace Verse 5 Violin

My childlike faith did not survive.

Manic, depressed, in constant pain

I grew ever more jaded and wild.

Back turned, falling again and again

obsessed with bitter thoughts and sin.

In college, what a disgrace!

Sin happy, I fell on my face.

Lured away, love of man replaced

my early innocent childlike faith.

College life, full of light and fun

suddenly turned inside out.

Stunned, romantically shunned

a serious psychiatric bout

left me empty and without

heart and soul.  And Satan won.

To the Midwest I moved,

Kansas City now my home,

married to a man once disowned.

My work now my only god!

Christianity and church unproved.

My feet turned to stone,

for 15 years, lost and alone,

my life purpose falsely known—

saving children’s lives one by one.

Should I add to the family tree?

I said, “No way, that’s not for me!”

Mom replied, “What a tragedy!

You’ll love it, just wait and see”!

Sigh, a natural mom I am not.

Dissatisfied with my long-term lot,

I wanted to be unfettered and free,

not knowing God had a plan

to turn me around, to understand:

Without Him the ground is only sand.

My life, now drowning in rain;

Repentant, my soul now unstained.

Washed away, no more to see again.

So here I am, medically down and out,

but my illnesses turned me about!

So I shall hold His hand; see life as grand!

And someday (in a tent) I’ll sing and shout

in heaven, His perfect promised land.


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