Addiction Restrictions

A Post-it note is a piece of stationery with a...

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Hi, my name is Lori and I am addicted to sticky notes.(I am also addicted to Justin’s Hazelnut Spread, but as my purse–and booty–do not allow for more than small forays into this most delicious spread,  I will not be saying much more…else I will raid the pantry and engage in a moment of culinary ecstasy. )

The sticky note.  A small piece of paper with a light coating of a gluey substance that gently attaches itself to almost anywhere.  It rules my short-term memory loss world.  If I don’t get a thought on paper RIGHT THEN, it is gone.  Hence the sticky note.  I keep them all over the house.  Unfortunately the pens are hard to come by, my family thinking that what is theirs is theirs and what is mine is theirs as well.

I have sticky notes on microwave, fridge, mirrors, car, computer,  calendars.  I even have sticky notes on sticky notes. I took a picture, but it was too embarrassing to post!  The only problem is where to find the information that I sticky noted.  So I try to cluster as much as possible.  Car sticky notes for places I need to go.  Fridge and calendar sticky notes for tasks and reminders. And so on.  Without the sticky note, I would have tape marks everywhere and unwieldy paper.  The origin of the sticky note was a mistake that the developers turned into the icon of reminders.  I wonder how many sticky notes are floating in our detritus and living spaces?  Enough to  cover New York, I bet.  Well, bless the mistake that rules my world.

I see a vision of rolling eyes.  You can’t believe I have written a whole post on sticky notes.  And I hear you saying, “Just get a smart phone you ding-dong.”  I have one. I forget where it is, I don’t charge it, and when I do I don’t leave with it.  And I need right-in-front-of -me visual.  Pathetic I know.  I am 40ish going on 80. You should see my find my glasses and my keys…..

I have a top ten vote

of items with useful need.

And the humble sticky note

is an obligatory read.

Reminders, lists galore

kissed against a wall;

my visual memory store….

as long as it does not fall.

The sticky note generation

I will proudly say I am.

Computers a cumbersome station;

mobile notes essential in my hand.

Dear sticky note, my bright paper friend!

Gentle traveler through sea and land,

and though fragile, you easily rend

and get lost or trashed or “damned”.

But your benefits outweigh all protests; 

I will stand by you until you end.


6 comments on “Addiction Restrictions

  1. I’m showing this to my wife! Men have an advantage over ladies, we have a pocket on our shirts. That is where I carry a little note pad to write things I need to remember. That’s where I carry my pens, too. Plus a magnifying glass, a phone list, sometimes a calculator. OK, I’m a nerd! So what? It works. No room for a cell phone in that pocket, though. I clip it on my belt – when I remember it.

  2. I love sticky notes! They are excellent reminders, you can put them anywhere and they are easy to chuck once they served their purpose (plus, they can be fashionably colourful and fun!).
    I needed to affirm your passion.

    • Ahhhh….the colors! And pitching them! The physicality of throwing away the onerous task! Like wiping the slate clean. Or at least allowing me to see some of my microwave again… 🙂

  3. Oh, wonderful post! Wonderful stickynote! I do think they tend to proliferate in the night, though, kind of like cockroaches, but much more useful.

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