The Working Power of One

I recently posted about the abuse my husband was taking at his job, and his decision to leave.  Apparently his announcement dropped a firebomb on the company.  Massive changes have started, multiple persons are getting hired, processes are changing, the call structure is changing.  So you think, wow, Brent must have been a cornerstone!  No.  He is simply the last of a triad as one of the top 3 in his division and  the other 2 have left in the last 3 months.  One would think that  the concerns raised by them over the last year would have been enough to create these changes.  But compliancy is easier than action, and it takes the treat of losing one of the company’s critical divisions to create a stir.  The good news is that Brent’s fellow workers will get a load of help now.  The bad news is that Brent decided to let the cushy job go and stay at the present one.  Blech.  I am a bit of a ‘doubting Thomas’, so  I will have to see it to believe it.  At least I was quite loud in my disagreement with this decision.  And now I need to support him as much as my irritated nerves will allow.  And give the CIO verbal notes from me through Brent that I will pull his plug if he doesn’t deliver…  🙂  He got a list from me yesterday!

So I guess people can make a difference if the difference is at the right time and the right players are willing to make the change. At least I hope that is how it will play out.

I hate work politics.

Ok, I hate politics in general.

I’m just too much of a tank to hide in a fog.

And I could make a poem out of this but I am just too dang tired.


3 comments on “The Working Power of One

  1. to hide a tank in the fog

    to hide a tank in the fog
    you would have thought I was like a log
    who wouldn’t move no matter what they said.
    but now I’m too dang fricken tired myself
    so I’ll pull another pillowcase off the shelf
    and march right in and climb in bed-
    cause this poem supremely suck!

    I’m off to bed now myself…see, anyone can write a bad poem, even if one line- yours- was great.

    • Don’t quit your screenwriting. Let me do the poems and you can crack the jokes….Oh heck, I cant do poems really well either. I just like to play with words. And so do you! And yup, that line was my finest achievement in quite a while. Gave me a feeling of supreme satisfaction! Now Go to bed. Oh, I am several days late to say that aren’t I ?

  2. that is “sucks,” not “suck.” I do have a standard, even for bad poetry. lol

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