Baby Haiku

Soft sweet lilting sighs

Slowly close those baby eyes

Deep sleep mom’s longed prize

I have always been afraid of Haiku’s, and until this one popped into my head at midnight one night, I would have left them to the hands and mind of proficient poets. I couldn’t imagine myself creating a meaningful poetic statement in the tight box of 5-7-5. So I am proud of this little attempt, after all, it says something, and by golly it rhymes too! Nighttime inspirations are the most intense from my experience, and it is not too uncommon for me to leap out of bed to write something down ON A STICKY NOTE 🙂  RIGHT THEN or forget it. It must be that my mind is finally free to think without the cacophony of life.

Picture: Anne Geddes.com/Celine Dion


2 comments on “Baby Haiku

  1. I always keep a notepad by my bed.

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