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Sin and Salvation, an Easter Theme

Now and then I try to give myself an exercise to see what I can write with certain rules that I impose upon the effort. So for Easter, I chose a rather broad theme.  The poem below was a challenge to me to encompass the whole of creation–fall of man–lost and sinful–God’s sacrificial plan–glorious resolution in phrase form.  While I am never satisfied, I think it captures what I set out to do fairly well.  You be the judge!

And Happy Happy Resurrection Sunday to all!

Our Universal Purpose, none greater:

To worship God, our Lord and Creator

One man’s choice, his willful deed

Left sin and death, universally received


Communication broke, from earth You left

Mankind lost, our souls now bereft

Satan, dominatrix, “Lord of the Air”

Gorging on our sin, our souls laid bare


Man’s spirit, broken and unfulfilled

With awesome love, your unchanging will

Cured spiritual longing; our unmet need

Was answered in Jesus, Your perfect seed


His final sacrifice; man  now made whole

Our repentance of sin, our hearts solid gold

He repaired the bridge, restored our souls


One comment on “Sin and Salvation, an Easter Theme

  1. Very good, Lorene! That took a lot of effort and was succinct. Happy resurrection Sunday to you and all!

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