My Theory of Everything Part Two–“The Son of Man”

Disclaimer: this is a very Christian post with a radical theme.  Just a warning.


Since Easter is imminent, I decided to do a study on a Title that Jesus constantly gave himself in the Gospel of Mark.  I am the kind of person who wants to know the background, the “why’s”, and I love to connect dots for deeper understanding.  There are many events in the Bible that I don’t understand, and intrigue me.  One of them is Jesus constant reference to himself as the “Son of Man”.  Why not the “Son of God”?  This question has brought me into amazing twists and turns, and I would like to share with you my Theory of Everything related to His simple title of Himself.

For this, we must go back to Genesis.  For believers, Genesis must be the foundation for the rest of the Bible, for it sets up the whole of the rest of the scripture.  In its essence, we discover the supernatural struggle between God and Satan, and God’s plan to rescue us from our sinful desire to become as a god.  We are a creation of God, not a god.

So my Theory begins with God’s punishment of mankind in Genesis 3:15. God was talking to both the snake and the Serpent.  The Serpent was not the snake we know now, but Satan, the Great Dragon and Serpent.  He says, “I will put hostility between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed.  He will strike your head and you will strike his heel.”  Cryptic words.  Sounds like we will hate snakes and attempt to kill them while they bite us.  But God was talking about His seed, the creation of man, and Satan’s seed.

But Satan didn’t have a seed.  Or did he?  Reading further, I looked closer at Genesis 6:2.  “the son’s of God saw that the daughters of mankind were beautiful and they took any they chose as wives for themselves.”  Who were these “sons of God”? Verse 4 answers this: “the Nephelium (fallen angels) were on the earth both in those days and afterward when the son’s of God came to the daughters of mankind who bore children to them. And  they were the heroes of old.”  This cryptic verse always fascinated me.  So the legends of great men like Hercules may actually be true. Why is nothing more said about it?  While the Bible doesn’t go into detail, other writings of this period, found with the Dead Sea scrolls, explain this verse in detail.  The two most noted are the Book of Enoch, cited by Jesus and the prophets, and the Book of Giants, of which only remnants remain, but the remnants are descriptive enough to tell the story.

Satan’s “seed” was the “Nephelium”—200 Fallen Angels who, directed by Satan, took human wives and created a great nation of giants.  The Book of Enoch discussed these giants and what they did.  The Book of Giants discusses their perversions.  These angels lived on the earth to corrupt the bloodline of man so that God’s plan of salvation could not come to pass.  Jesus’ bloodline could not be corrupted by demonic blood.  He must be fully human.  The children of these angels were so terrible and prolific that soon most of mankind had giant blood in them.  Many people wonder why genealogy is mentioned so much in Genesis.  It is there to prove that Jesus came from a bloodline that is fully man untainted by giant blood.  And this is why Jesus calls himself throughout the Gospel of Mark the “Son of Man”.  His bloodline is uncorrupted by demonic children.

Now you wonder, if these giants were so numerous, why is there no evidence?  There is, but it is not advertised, although people try to prove these are hoaxes.  But hoaxes all over the world? And there are some amazing pictures that have been smuggled out.  To see more, go to genesis6giants.com and click on the link for it — it is a jaw dropping, eye-opening site, although a bit “out there”.  But he may be on to something.  These skeletons have been found all over the world. Go to Google Images and search for giant skeletons.  Amazing pictures.  There is a race of American Indians that have skeletons up to 12 feet tall. U-tube Jim Vierra’s presentation,(he is a stonemason, archeologist and lecturer) “Stone builders, mound builders and the giants of ancient America” talk.

  The son’s of the angels were so evil and perverted that in Genesis 6: 5 God was so grieved in His heart that he regretted making man.  He decided that the only way he could save the true bloodline of man was to wipe the slate clean.  So he chose Noah, a fully human man, who’s bloodline was carefully noted in boring scripture that most people skip, but is crucial to the purity of Jesus “Son of Man” reference. Noah was a righteous man who rejected the evil of the day.  God called him to build an ark.  This ark was to save Noah’s bloodline and allow mankind to continue. The ark was so huge that it took 100 years to build.  People scoff that Noah could put two of everything in it.  But they don’t understand genetics.
The vast species of dogs we have now came from 6 varieties in the 1800’s.  So Noah didn’t need every kind of bird or cat etc.  He just needed a male and female of each basic species.  Variety would spread once they began to re-populate.  And he didn’t need fully developed creatures.  Probably they were all babies or eggs for fowl.  So with this in mind, the ark was plenty big to house basic infant species.

The next question I have is why the need for a worldwide flood.  My assumption is that the only way God could wipe out these massive giants–skeletons have been found that are 36 feet tall, yet still save the basic pure life forms that He created in Genesis 1 (an effort that taxed Him to the point where He had to rest, His great and mighty work of His hands) was to flood the earth with water so deep that all corrupted life would be killed.  A harsh punishment.

How could a loving God do this?  God hates sin above all else.  This is the main storyline throughout the Bible, and the foundation of understanding God’s nature.  And these corrupted lines were threatening His plan of ultimate salvation for all mankind, His finest beloved creation.  So He had to make what must have been a horrible choice. If you want to know how I think he created the flood, go to a prior post, The Theory of Everything.

Genesis 6:4 also talks about “both in those days and afterward”. But is there any reference to giants after the flood?  Yes!  When the Israelites go to the land that God set aside for them, Joshua sends out scouts.  They come back with terrible news.  The land is filled with huge giants, and they trembled with fear.  But the giants were destroyed! Not necessarily.  While Noah and his wife were pure human, there is nothing in the Bible that says the woman Noah’s sons married were pure human. Only one had to be.  The other two sons may have married wives with giant DNA.  And there is a suggestion of this with his son Ham. Genesis 9: 18 specifically mentions that Ham was the father of Canaan.  And Canaan was the land where the Israelites saw the giants. Therefore it makes sense that Ham’s wife had giant DNA.

So, to end this long “diatribe”, Jesus’s full bloodline is found throughout the scriptures to show that he could fully state his title of the Son of Man and therefore be the pure sacrifice that once and for all mitigates our sin with God if we accept His amazing Gift to us.  And the above states my theory of why this was so important.

Of course this is all postulation.  You may think I have lost my marbles.  And you may be right.  But I hope you are, at the very least, entertained or better yet, intrigued, said Hmmmm, and realize that I did a lot of research, AND I could write a really cool book on this…..  And I HOPE you think I am an interesting and quirky person who has out of the box, possibly wild but well thought out theories!  🙂


6 comments on “My Theory of Everything Part Two–“The Son of Man”

  1. Wellll, thanks for all those interesting insights. It has certainly stirred my curiousity to dig deeper.

    • This is a theory, but I found it so intriguing that I had to share it. I think that understanding that Satan has an opposite to everything that God has, including his own line of corrupted humans, is important to understand in our defense of him. And I think (surmise only) that this will play an important part in the tribulation. As events are unfolding quickly–a push for a one world religion and government–I believe the tribulation is around the corner.

  2. Wow, Lorene! I am impressed. I didn’t know you had in you to delve so deeply into Scripture theories or mysteries. Good job. I suscribe to the theory of giants and you did a wonderful job explaining a vast, complex subject.

    • Took me a while to do that one, as I am sure you are very aware! Very controvercial subject, but I think this is very important to understanding the current and upcoming conflicts, and I am not afraid to post uncomfortable subjects. My husband is a huge help–he reads voraciously, and when he tells me something I try and connect dots. Vineoflife has an amazing video I re-blogged looking at the time change from 705 AD and the upcoming natural events predicted by scientific method using Biblical text. Check it out!

  3. Yes, this post is entertaining, thank you! Like you, I also like theories and dot connecting. And, I think the angel view is far more persuasive than the Sethite view.

    Regarding the “Son of Man” reference Jesus uses, have you looked into Daniel 7? Some recent scholarship contains a startling fact: this term was his claim to deity. As counterintuitive as that seems at first blush, it is the opinion of one of the worlds foremost Talmudic scholars that this is indeed the case. The book is very readable and I recommend it for some awesome insights: The Jewish Gospels by Daniel Boyarin

    • I have only read parts of Daniel, mostly the prophetic passages. I will look over Daniel 7. Im glad you liked my ideas on this very interesting and difficult topic. Thank you for reading and commenting! I have a Jewish friend (blog: bippolarforlife) who is posting a series on the Jewish gospels, so perhaps this book would be a good companion piece.

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