The Reece’s Egg Caper

My favorite candy is Reeces’ peanut butter cups. It really should be its’ own food group. The sweet chunky chocolate and salty softer peanut butter is a culinary Shangri-la. I don’t fuss about any other candy but don’t touch my share of the Reece’s. My favorite Reeces’ are the holiday ones, which are larger and heavier with peanut butter. My portion of Reece’s eggs are not eagerly shared. To be truthful, I act like a toddler when asked to share. The poem below is an account of the family decision to share my Reece’s Easter eggs.


Each year I look forward to Spring
for a seasonal delight that Easter brings.
AHH…the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg!
I take one look and my taste buds BEG
‘please buy out the store’!

So I buy them in packages of 6 galore.
It’s a candy most jealously guarded!
I tell my family they would be retarded
to eat my personal Reece’s horde.

Imagine my stunned surprise when,
MY Reese’s eggs appear in my hubby’s hand!
It appears it is the snack he planned
for our family movie night out.

He just “neglected” to ask me, the lout!
I stood up, aghast, at this unpleasant find,
and then I called him a horse’s behind!
And I watched them all smugly eat
the last of my most delicious treat!

So next year I’m buying a box
with both a key and a lock!
And so that ALL are aware of mom’s supply,
I shall clearly label it “Touch this and you DIE!”


3 comments on “The Reece’s Egg Caper

  1. How did you fare at target shooting? Nice pics and the balloon ride I bet was wonderful and exciting. Well, you know vacations do that all the time, instead of relaxing you always end up tired, but I believe it is a good tired. Where’s the next destination?

  2. I’m a jackass, I don’t know how my comment ended here when it was supposed to be on the Arizona post, lol.

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