Razing Arizona

After being dragged from one end of Arizona to the other, I was left with (what I think is) 2 pulled muscles in my right leg.  The day after we returned, I was (thankfully) given an excuse to go anywhere due to a 6 inch snowstorm.  90 degrees meet 32.  My bones were cold, my fingers were blue, and I couldn’t decide whether I preferred another round of feverish hair-raising sightseeing in scorching sun or freezing in snowfall and a fire….and hot tea….and my warm bed….and my favorite chair….oh heck, I can always put gloves on! “There is no place like home”.

Next time I’m dragged into another insane vacation I’m gonna wear a sign that says: Fragile body, do not wear.  Hey, I should post this as another quote!  Nah, I have loads of them already in my quote queue…..

So I totally suck with photography, but I thought I would share a couple of pics as Arizona has been blessed with an explosion of wildflowers and awe-inspiring beauty from record rainfalls this year.  Some of the flowers are so rare the locals, including the guides, don’t know what they are.


An Iconic red rock outcropping in Sedona (named after the wife of the first settler BTW)


The happy family….except the cool guy on the left


Grand canyon from a helicopter


The Spaniards called the Grand Canyon a great wasteland when its’ vastness impeded their journey northward, and turned around in disgust.  Hearts  greedy for gold just couldn’t appreciate the vast beauty of nature.  


Just one step from  a mile fall.  Exhilarating, although I was trying for casual and I simply look terrified.


Old Scottsdale is really beautiful, and the shops are unique and oh so tempting.


Ready for a balloon ride….I think. I can’t hardly breathe in here.  Not for the claustrophobic or height challenged!


We were with the only certified airline captain, allowing us to go over 6000 feet high.  Below is another balloon.  Balloon rides are so peaceful, one really cannot tell that it is moving!


Arizona was awash with flowers, some not ever seen by locals due to the record rainfalls.  It was odd to see a desert so green.


Shooting practice with the last few bullets left to private citizens.  The company has closed down periodically due to lack of supply.  I was too burned to participate, filthy from off roading in a Tom car, so I got to laugh at them instead.

SAM_0564 SAM_0567

Butterflies in a butterfly garden at the Desert Botanical Garden in Scottsdale. I could have stayed all day!


We tried getting the perfect Saguaro cactus all trip.  They are found only in the Saguaro desert and are protected.  You are fined if you even run into one.  It takes up to 80 years for the first arm to emerge.  I just call them Giant Pickles. They are pretty useless, and if you eat the inside you get alkalosis poisoning and die.  Plus they are kinda ugly, in a fascinating sort of way.


Ahhh, my favorite place after being ran off my feet….the hot tub in a grotto of lush greenery.  My kind of vacation!


4 comments on “Razing Arizona

  1. Wow Lorene, It looks like you guys went to a lot of places and did a lot of things/adventures. Good for you. The pics were beautiful. I appreciate the captions. Pics don’t mean a whole lot to me without some kind of explanation to go with them. Good job on the post.

  2. How did you fare at target shooting? Nice pics and the balloon ride I bet was wonderful and exciting. Well, you know vacations do that all the time, instead of relaxing you always end up tired, but I believe it is a good tired. Where’s the next destination?

    I posted this on Reese’s haha sorry.

    • I was so burned that I hid in the truck and snuck out to take pics of the other 3. I can tell you though that I cant hit the side of a wall with a ball, so I probably saved some money! Next destination is a 20 year anniversary in September with my husband AND NO KIDS to Cancun. I am gleeful with anticipation 🙂

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