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My Gingy Doll

My daughter is the only girl on my side of the family, and the youngest.  Strangely enough, I am the only girl on my side of my family and the youngest.  Knowing that my pregnancy was the last, my parents were in despair that they would never have a granddaughter.   So when I found out at christmas, I just couldn’t keep them in suspense, so I bought a little girl doll and wrapped her up with a “Guess what we are having?”  My mom sobbed, and I was so glad I could surprise them at Christmas.  My pregnancy was horrible, I vomited bile for 9 months and developed liver failure.  But as my dad says,  “Don’t tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby”, and she was perfect. Now 11 today, she is a sweet, quirky, humorous, messy, artistic, super smart girl that I thank God for daily!

A poem dedicated to her is written below 2 of the MP3 lullaby songs I used to sing her to sleep with.  The one is a Jewish friendship song that I changed the words and converted into a lullaby.  There are two versions, the lullaby I used to sing and one just for fun that I torqued up a bit.  The other is the classic Edelweiss Swiss national song made famous in my favorite musical Sound of Music.  Hope you enjoy them! Someday I hope to record with more than my rockband microphone and basic sound recorder on my computer….one can dream.


Shalom Just for Fun

Shalom lullaby


Not sure about another “invention”

(the first attempt  left me stressed!)

But knowing  I had the intention

of having a second child (I guess)

I asked Brent, “Should there be

one added to our little family?”

He replied, “You decide,

after all in you it will hitch a ride!”


Quite quickly we ordered a “patent”

but you were an explosive reactant.

Vomiting bile, sick to the bone,

SO ready to recover my sick body home!


On the day you arrived

I was “blow me down” surprised!

You looked just like “pop-pop”

(except with more hair on top).


But oh, hurray, a girl!

The family was in a whirl

for there were very few of these

to grace our family tree.


But, there was something wrong!

For you frowned often and long,

your piercing wails filled with angry song.

And rarely did we see a smile

come across the face of our little child.

We hoped this would change in a short while.


You surprised us all!

You turned into a little sweet pea

my ging-y snap doll

and a calm in my angry sea.


For while, on occasion, I do the Angry Dance,

you are sweet, happy, quirky and mild.

And while you aren’t a perfect child

(your laziness sometimes make me wild)

you have the sweetest personality!

And, the best of all, the following three:

A kind heart, loving spirit and generosity.


I love you Jen-Jen!

My heartfelt wish for you:

May you always do what is right,

stay away from the Devil’s den

and to our Lord, stay faithful and true.


One comment on “My Gingy Doll

  1. Wow. A very touching tribute! God bless and keep her.

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