Red Red Wine

Paul says to Timothy in I Timothy Ch 5 to “drink a little wine for your stomach”.  I love these little domestic statements found throughout the Bible.  It reminds us that these were real humans leading real lives.  I love how Jesus told the family of the little girl he raised from death to “give her a little something to eat”.  Again, a little homely advice, a personal touch from history.



Wine has a love/hate relationship with the church.  Depending on your sect, wine either is viewed as corrupt and leads to drunkenness or a divine part of communion or acceptable in moderation.  Now science is weighing in on this subject:  red wine is now an extremely good beverage in moderation for cardiovascular health and lipid control.  It is amazing to me how God created foods that we need to keep our bodies healthy.  I read an article titled the “Trifecta of Health”.  In it, dark chocolate, plain coffee and red wine were 3 powerhouses of antioxidants when, taken in moderation, showed health benefits over weight ranges and age groups.  My joy was complete, after all, these are my three favorite food groups.  What better news then that, other than to read that Reeces’ Peanut Butter Cups are healthy food #4?  I am waiting for studies showing this in prayerful expectation…  🙂

But, with any food, too much is not healthy and has consequences that are hard on the body as well.  So weak wine is good for the stomach (a home remedy of the Apostle Paul’s due to contaminated water in ancient times), it is good for the heart and blood vessels (according to science) and now it appears to be good for people with fibromyalgia.  One of the abnormalities of persons with FM are low GABA levels.  GABA (a name, when spelled, is pretty unpronounceable) is a potent neurotransmitter and a study was just published that looked at wine and GABA levels on FM patients. The results show that this nutrient rich drink raises GABA levels in the brain, and their data showed a good correlation to decreased pain in the FM patient’s who participated in the study.

I have a hard time with alcohol.  Some people don’t have the enzyme to break it down in the stomach, thereby allowing alcohol to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.  I believe that I have this problem.  Less than one drink and my IQ drops to 50.  Plus, my lips are numb, my fingers are numb, and everything is whirly and far away.  But I decided to try a glass before bedtime.  After all, whirly and far away while in bed is ok when my eyes are closed and I am not vertical.



Yesterday was my first try.  I drank it and stared at the wall in a daze.  My husband, always amused at my experiments, led me to my bed and asked me, “Are your muscles better?”  What muscles?  My head was completely disconnected from my body.  So I said, “Yup! And fell into a stupor.

Undaunted, I decided that I drank it too fast and sipped a glass over about an hour today.  Better.  Not so woozy.  And, yes, my muscles do seem more relaxed.  But I think that half a glass is really more my speed.  So I am going to try this for a while unless the scale or budget goes south.  Wine can be expensive and is loaded with calories, both of which are not on my “pro” list.

Sigh, nothing is without its downfalls.


3 comments on “Red Red Wine

  1. Interestingly, our church’s wine group is one of the longest running groups.


  2. I’d really love to be able to drink wine, but my taste buds and stomach just can’t take it; makes me sick. Hope it works wonders for you. Reese’s are good for you in moderation, which means…..share! lol.

    • Im a half glasser for sure. Any more and my lips go numb. I think I may have an allergy to tannins or sulfites in wine. But it does seem to help my pain a little at night, so I have been half-glassing on nights I work. Although, that may stop as I need to lose weight, and 250 calories isn’t in the right direction!

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