Lumpy Pudding

When I was younger, I was obsessed over exercise.  It helped me to cope with depression and fibromyalgia.  Restricted eating, or as my dad used to say, “weeds and seed” gave me control.  And while exercise didn’t make me feel any better or give me any more energy, I believe it is due to a load of undiagnosed conditions that I have had since a teenager.  But it did make me look good.  And that is a boost in and of itself.

Lori pre marriage 020

Over time, with stress and work and marriage and worry and children and more illness and overload, I have allowed exercise to fall into the category of “someday”.  Well, someday needs to turn into today.  I am tired of looking like a lumpy pudding.  And while I can’t get rid of 50 inches of cancer scars, I can get rid of a dimpled booty.  So I have started.  The first session was absolutely fine.  I was a little sweaty and a little fatigued, but I did well.  But I am discovering that the only way I can keep this up is to exercise early in the morning, or my day sucks up all my energy and time.  Ugh! I don’t sleep well, and I feel like the day after being hit by a car when I get up.  I sleep as long as I can and then frantically run around doing what I should have done an hour ago.  So I need to get over the hurdle of Getting Up Early.  After all, what is an hour? I’m going to feel the same.

So I am starting a series of, I hope, humorous quotes about being fat.  I hope I don’t offend.  Humor is the lifeblood of resilience.

You may be snooty

about the fat on my booty.

And I wholeheartedly agree.

For it is quite embarrassing to me!

Fat needs to be wacked.

And I intend to remove this gloopy crap.

So I shall exercise galore!

And shed these pounds once more.

As I fall panting in a heap

I know I shall reap

A body with booty no more!


4 comments on “Lumpy Pudding

  1. Hi Lorene, Dealing with high blood pressure issues I’ve been forced to exercise daily. I’ve been doing it now for 1 1/2 months and it does hurt some. Presently jobless, I’ve had lots of time to walk and I’ve cherished these alone times with the Lord. I’ve been told, and I’ve found out, that the hardest part of exercising is discipline, regularity, or keeping it up. I wish you every success in this department.

    • Agree, agree, agree! And these things can be applied to anything that should be done daily. Prayer, Bible reading, devotions! It is prioritizing what needs to be done, what you want to do and most importantly, what God wants you to do (although that seems to take a bit, so I just feel along a darkish wall!) I do feel that exercise in my present condition needs to be moved up to right behind Bible reading.

  2. Hi again Lorene, thank you for sharing your ups and downs with weight, like you have done in the past, I too battled with the need to be accepted by how I looked on the outside. I was Bulimic for 10 years on and off and went on nearly every diet at that time Yuk! some of them are still around today and more have been invented some of which sound good but are very dangerous. Bananas still cause me to think twice before I buy them but after running Christian weight control Groups, God taught me about His balance in everything, also accepting myself as a person of worth and others too regardless of how we look and that it is more important to be beautiful on the inside then slim on the outside.

    I will leave a Link for you from my Kingdom’s Gardens Blog it is not well known yet, I have also Posted a Power point on Freedomborn’s Blog called …” Am I Beautiful Now ” if you have time to watch it.

    Blog Post – http://alifeofhopeandjoy.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/beautiful-woman-of-strength/

    Christian Love – Anne

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