Litmus Me Up Scotty

In response to rarasaur’s Prompts for the Promptless: The Litmus Test:

Do you have one sentinel question that clinches whether you will be GREAT friends or not with someone else? No? Not, he can’t be a fan of THAT team or she can’t shop at THAT store?  Mine is, I’m embarrassed to say, they must love Star Trek. 

There I said it. 

But to me it’s a No Brainer.  

What is the allure of watching funny creatures dance around beating other people with a nightlight stick? 

For 6 movies and 30 years? 

And the same LOOOONNNNGGGG tale strung out-and-out……. and out. Here is  MY synopsis:

I wanna take over the universe, take that, what you fightin’ me, I’m bigger and badder and I have the DARK FORCE.  Ooohhh, he’s so cute, is he yours? I want him, kill his friends.  Ooohhh, he has the FORCE too, we can dance together with the nanobots (or WHATEVER) that live in our cells.  Blah blah….bunch of infected weirdos. (Spellchecker just had a seizure and died I think) 🙂


Even George Lucas got sick of it. Now he knits at his local coffeehouse.  To the tune of 4 billion or so.

Gene Roddenberry, on the other hand, died with Star Trek on his lips, his lifetime love.

Now let’s look at Star Trek.  An Icon of Science Fiction that inspired some of the greatest scientists today to become scientists just to make the needle-less inoculator (done) or the warp drive (which is on its’ way folks) or the Iconic Tri-corder (a rudiment is in use now).  Forty five years of series after series, movie after movie, and the stories–different stories as large as the universe itself–continue and are renewed every day.


It’s a Litmus test of sorts.  What is yours?

7 comments on “Litmus Me Up Scotty

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  2. Star Trek is brilliant! Its a totally valid Litmus test! I’m going to suggest 3 bloggers who you may love for their love: http://logosconcarne.com/, http://thegeekanthropologist.com/, http://eclecticcamel.wordpress.com/ Thanks for participating! 😀 I hope it sends some friends your way!

  3. Does it have to be original Star Trek? I’m a big fan of TNG and Iiked Enterprise, but never got into the others.

    • I love them all! So much technology is being developed from what Star Trek dreamed up. So many brilliant engineers and math an physic gurus are creating items due to their early love and inspiration from this series. It is just remarkable. A version of the warp drive is in early production. Can you imagine what this means? I encourage every one to look at Star Trek with a new eye.

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