The Axe in the Tax, Just a few Facts

Here we are again.  The never-ending cycle of tax collection.  Hated for millennia, we small souls who lift up our nations by the strap of our worn sneakers.

We all will pay taxes from the moment we leave the cocoon of our parent’s wings until the poor soul who is next of kin completes our last postmortem record.  For many, their only legacy after death.

So we think that the Tax will never affect us again?  Keep dreaming.  We still owe One Big Tax.  And that will be collected on the Day of Judgment.  And no loopholes, no deductions.  We all must account for our sins.  But for the few faithful, this day will  be their greatest glory, for the scriptures state that they will win their crowns of righteousness from God Almighty.

So how will I measure up?

I fear not well.  I have a large running list of sins both great and small.  And not much to show for my life.  Jesus described types of Christians in Matthew 13:18.  I am the type of Christian who believed in Jesus’ sacrificial death to cover my sins but allowed “the cares of this world” to ruin my testimony and limit any good works.  God will judge me harshly, as I have had many advantages of a Christian upbringing, excellent income and resources, and I have used all these gifts on myself.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” – Luke 12:48

 How will YOU measure up?

Think about it.  You cant file for extension, or take part in tax evasion, or assume a false death certificate.  And the punishment for a tax you cannot pay–a  life lived without Christ– is pain and suffering for all eternity, according to the Bible.  God gave us the greatest gift of all, choice.  But in that he gave us the greatest punishment of all, eternal damnation if your choice is to defy Him and not repent of your sin and accept Christ’s gift of salvation.  Don’t let tomorrow accumulate any more sin on your tax record.  Come to salvation today and experience the peace of knowing that your tax is now covered for all time.  And don’t be like me, who has enjoyed the blessings and richness bestowed upon me without giving anything back.

And how do you know that there is a God?

“The Heavens declare the glory of God and the earth shows his mighty work”

I have meditated on this verse and I believe that it partly speaks of Sacred Geometry.  Just think about the circle, the thumbprint of God.

How silly, you say.  But think about it.

The circle never begins or ends.

It symbolizes God’s omnipresence. He has been here for all eternity.  The universe may have been here 14.3 billion years, but it is but a blip.  A wonder in itself.

Now think about pi, a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter, and is approximately equal to 3.14159.

So what?

In the 20th and 21st centuries, mathematicians and computer scientists discovered new approaches that – when combined with increasing computational power – extended the decimal representation of pi to, as of late 2011, over 10 trillion (1013) NON-REPEATING digits.

PI is always the same number, no matter the size of the circle.  And there is no end to it.   Just like there is no end to our existince, according to the scriptures.  3.14 to infinity, with no repeating sequence.  A mind-blowing statistical impossibility.

Just think, all the numbers of your life are written in this simple equation.

Life is a circle as well, may your end on this world be a perfect equation with our Maker.

With love and humility,

Lori Pinkley

With help from Wikipedia.com


4 comments on “The Axe in the Tax, Just a few Facts

  1. “So how will I measure up? I fear not well”

    Isn’t that the beauty of grace though; that just like a parent toward their child, gods grace and love is completely unconditional 🙂

    my children will always ‘measure up’ for me because I do not place any limits in my love for them…..I don’t want them to ever fear that they aren’t measuring up…..

    isn’t that the way god wants you to feel too?? like you ‘do’ measure up?


  2. I fear we take God too lightly in this day and age. In the old testament, people came to Him in fear and trembling. While there are innumerable verses of His love, we skip over the innumerable verses discussing His righteous anger and judgment. I am very aware that I need to humble myself before Him, and this post was not only evangelical, it was a call for myself and others to re-think, or renew, their reverence and fear of Him, even in this day of Grace. While Jesus is our intercessor, God is not out of the picture, and is ultimately in control!

  3. I also like the name given to numbers like Pi, e, Golden Ratio, …… IRRATIONAL! But not in the bad sense – but that we cannot be represented by simplicity. Thus, we are Imagination ITSELF!

    • Yes I hope I am never too old to feel the thrill of discovering the hidden secrets that God has put into creation…and our ability to ferret them out…..Creatively!

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