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Ah-Choo-Mumu Haiku

Sharp, short burst of air

Nostril clearing dance with death

Clarity again

Some of my favorite songs are from “Veggie Tales”.  Totally my kind of humor. 

My brother and I will laugh at the classic castle scene A-La-Monty Python in “Josh and the Giant Peas” and our kids just roll their eyes and call us stupid.  But “ze French peaz” are just some of what makes this a great series of videos to love.  Some of my favorite parts of the videos are Larry (the pickle’s ) Silly Songs.  My daughter hasn’t watched them much in the last 5 years; yes, it is I who still sing them around the house.  But who can resist “I Love My Lips” or “Oh Where Is My Hairbrush” and of course “Song of the Cebu”.   “Song of the Cebu” is set to the tune of a Mexican folk dance, and it is one of those songs that is so silly one cant help but laugh out loud, no matter how many times one has heard it played.  Cebu are cows who sneeze by saying “Achoo-mumu”.  I howled with laughter the first time I heard it, and if you have that kind of humor, you will as well no matter how old you are!  And with the small set, one hears it played over and over and over and over.  So  I was sneezing over and over and over one day, and the song and this haiku popped into my head at one time  (yes a bit crowded) so I laughed, sneezed from both ends and spit out this haiku for your smiling enjoyment.

PS: If you want to see Song of the Cebu (and you really do), search Youtube for the official Song of the Cebu by BigIdealnc.  It is worth a good laugh.  Sorry,  I’m too cheap to pay 60.00 to wordpress for the privilege to upload videos….. 🙂


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