Ode to the Nose that Flows

Tissues for Runny Noses 10-26-09 -- IMG_9276

(Photo credit: stevendepolo)

It is allergy season in my house.

I listen with delight at the orchestral sneezing, coughing, whining and wheezing,  tailored for my maximum irritation.  A portion of my ever lessening paycheck goes to remedies, medication, quackery and tissues.  Any attempt by me to open the windows is met with horror, and I am threatened with dire retribution if I request assistance weeding the trashed yard. I have allergies, but I faithfully spray my nose with my allergy medication and viola! I am good to go.  If my family would only do likewise, we would all be happier, and I would not get a crick in my neck or hoarse telling people to for the Lord’s sake PLEASE put your tissues in the trash.

Never one to sit and be victimized, I swish my pen and retaliate with a poem.   That will show THEM!   Any situation can be fodder for poetic license.  So to all of you who empathize with either camp, enjoy my humorous poke!


Our day quickly becomes distracting

when we have a nose that flows.

For we cannot help reacting

when our smeller becomes our foe.

There is nothing so subtracting

as when its color turns red as a rose.

And red noses are certainly detracting

for in the toilet our looks go.

Whether an from allergy or cold

our sniffling, snorting woes

make us push up tissues to hold

the mucosal waterfall hose.

Most people take whiny issue

when sneezes shake their toes.

When people throw their tissues

selfishly here, there and down below,

sides are drawn and  friends become foes.

But ahh, a benefit to a snotty nose;

some days are meant for these mean lows.

For now and then we are meant to rest

and a flowing nose is an obvious show

and an excuse that is just the best!


2 comments on “Ode to the Nose that Flows

  1. As a harmonic sneezer in the season I’m in sympathy with both sides. Stick a waste bin on the knee of every sneezy one and they’ll soon get the message. Me, well I have to tidy my own tissues away but then, I can sneeze to my hearts content without anyone giving me sideways glances of irritation.
    xxxx Hugs xxxx

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