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Liebster from Alicia Benton

Thanks to AliciaBenton for a Liebster! One of the funniest blogs I have had the privilege to read, and she is the best kept secret in WordPressville!


Ok, questions, which I luuuuv to answer.

1. What’s your favorite animal?
A unicorn.  I had them all over my room as a teen.  Yes, a teen, you read right.  I was a little delayed.

And I fantasize that they were alive and well once upon a time before men cut them all off like the elephant’s tusks. After all the Bible does mention the “horn of the unicorn”.  And what better recommendation is that?

2. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Oh, so many. This isn’t the craziest, but it is rated G.  I have a problem with taking dares.  I was once dared to grab and electrified fence.  Never one to show fear, I ran over and grabbed it with all my might.  And found my arm gyrating with intense pain, and my hand was glued to it.  I couldn’t let go.  I heard myself yelling, then all of a sudden I was thrown back.  My arm hurt all day.  I was darn lucky that it was just for cows. And the instigators? They were laughing their ba-hookies off! Ni-i-i-ice

3. Favorite song lyrics?
I have lyric retardation. I don’t remember any. I know them when I hear them, but until then, about all I can recite is Amazing Grace. Although they are pretty cool.

4. What’s your favorite game show of all time?
This isn’t in the spirit of the question, but Survivor was my favorite “game” show for many years. Although perhaps it is more Adventure show, or Stab Them In The Back show. In any case, watching the mental and cool physical challenges was a long-held pleasure, until I got too busy to watch much TV at all.
As a kid, for some odd reason the Newlywed game rather fascinated me. These people really didn’t know much about each other, and [GASP] they were MARRIED!

5. East coast or West coast?
Yuck. I hate ’em both. Too much traffic. The East coast is too humid and I hate the Noreasters.  The west coast is, well, clogged with pollution and too expensive.  I like to breathe the open spaces of the prairie.  I can fly 70 MPH 1/2 mile from my house.  I HATE traffic.  I live in Kansas City, but it is so large (land wise) that I can see cows out my window.  But not for long.  City life is creeping into my subdivision.  Actually people from California are coming here in droves.  Affordable and KC is pretty sophisticated for the Bread Basket area.
I grew up right outside of Philadelphia in its armpit in Norristown, PA, a town run by the Mob. And it was so congested that we crawled from place to place.  And I didn’t get any benefits of city life since my parents HATED Philadelphia.  I tried for two years to work in Phila but gave it up as a total pain in the a.. Plus, they took 6% out of my paycheck!

So for a beach theme, I vote HAWAII or BAHAMAS

6. What’s your favorite website?
Wordpress! Oh, that’s cheating isn’t it?

7. Thunderstorms: love them or hate them?
HAHAHA.  I’m posting about this in a couple of days!  I love watching the supercells come in–here you can see from horizon to horizon, the sky is immense!  The supercells and wall clouds are marvelous.  But, thunderstorms are brutal out here, full of 70 MPH winds, hail and the tornadic thunderstorms scare the pee out of me (see my upcoming post).
So Love/ Hate
Love the visual images, hate them when they arrive.

8. Do you remember your dreams?
Almost never, but I don’t get to REM much due to sleep apnea and fibromyalgia.

9. What was your first car?
1991 Saturn, silver.  A beauty.  I was one of the first people to get it in my area.  I was a celebrity.  And I looked GOOD.  People stopped me in the street to ask me what my car was.  And it never failed me in the 10 years I had it.  Crashed it in a winter storm.
Sob, thanks for the memory, I loved that car…..

10. How do you like your eggs?
Omlette with lots of veggies, a little cheddar and ham.

11. What are you scared of?
Losing my marbles.  A close second is killing a child at work.  I have killed 5 putting critically ill children on dialysis circuits due to an adverse reaction called Bradykinin syndrome, which causes profound hypotension.  For children with all but one hair in the grave it’s the final scissors.  Ok that’s kinda a bummer to end with, but YOU put the questions in this order, DUH….  🙂

Since no one did my last Liebster, no nominations.  Call me the nasty nomination Grinch.  Besides, I think most of you are nominated to death.  As I am not nominated to death, and I love answering questions, and I love those cute little buttons,  I could do this every other blog.  So there.


One comment on “Liebster from Alicia Benton

  1. Your electrified fence story is hilarious! (Sorry… laughing WITH you – not AT you, of course!) 😉

    LOVE your answers. Especially your song lyric 🙂

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