My Ignored Vision Board

Rarasaur’s PromptForThePromptles: Vision Boards

Vision boards are a variation on business plans or storyboards or plotlines.  For a good example of vision plotlines that famous authors’ have used to create their books, go to Famous Author Storyboards

While different in theme, task Vision Boards are a visual aide for the user to accomplish or complete tasks or a series of tasks.  But vision boards go much further.  They are quintessentially a visual aide for life, whether the visual aide is mental or mapped out on a webpage or hung up in a room.

My question is: are they helpful or are they stressors for disillusionment and depression?  If one creates a vision board, the accomplishment is a wonderful reminder of the trail taken;  the failure underscores the failure of the person to accomplish what they wanted.  Of course that is pessimistic, right?  After all, if we can’t learn from our mistakes, then we are no better than our pets.

Eventually every “stakeholder” will want to control your material vision board.  Guaranteed.  Even if they don’t know about it.  It is just humanity’s way to be the King of Your Mountain.  And it is usually for their own ends.

All of the “materialistic” vision boards I have ever vaguely thought about did not lead me to what I am today.  And it’s because I am my own worst enemy.  A vision isn’t enough.  You must believe that what you see for your life is something you deserve, then you need to reach out for it when the opportunity presents, or present the opportunity and take it.  A recent poll was released asking very elderly persons what they regretted the most.  The answer?    They HESITATED and lost the opportunity.

Some people are content to be drifters.  Vision boards hitchhike them into a box that they just don’t want.  They want to go where the wind blows, they are wanderers at heart.  This may allow for more spontaneity.  When they like what they find, then they follow that.  But in the end, they will only know whether their life had meaning from their hindsight.

Bloggers also fall into vision or non-vision categories. I think it would be very interesting to study how posters post.  Do many have a detailed idea that they flesh out then edit?  Does it just smack them in the head and they sit and write it?

And which am I?

I am an idea creator.  Often I get an idea, I title it and then throw it in the draft queue.  When I need an idea to use for a post, I dip into the queue, pull the idea and title out, dust it off a bit and take notes.  I generally have around 30 at a time that I work on in stages.  Probably due to my childhood habit of reading multiple books in multiple stages.  For me, posting is inspirational first.

So for me, inspiration is crucial for blogging.   But in my own life, I have found that, as a Christian, God gave His vision for my great life and work to me at my conversion.   All I had to do was walk with Him in faith and live a life that is honoring and glorifying to the One who created me.  Not easy.  But the Bible is the blueprint for knowing God’s will for me.  And I know from much experience that laying down my vision at God’s feet  isn’t an “easy up” in society.  Accepting an altered vision from another, no matter who,  is God’s first testing point for how serious I really was about walking with Him.  I can tell you, though, that when I kept within the bounds of His vision, I was much more contented with my place in the world then when I did my own thing.  And that has given me strength to sit in my posting chair the  day after getting part of my tongue removed and write this post.  He has helped me through horrible medial events that I just couldn’t have withstood.

And I am the better Christian for it.

Posting Christian philosophy with a foggy narcotic filled brain…..hmmm…

God wants everyone, even the wonderer, to have their own unique spiritual and life plan.  Without these, the temptation to sit all day in front of computer games  (Brent that means you  🙂  ), and miss out on life, will lead to little at the end.


7 comments on “My Ignored Vision Board

  1. This is a wonderful post. I think I need a storyboard for the Vanilla story it is growing fast! lol I’m really glad to hear how God has guided you and been your strength it amazing what we can do when He’s got our back!

    I hope you got my email about the Character. I had a problem responding to it for some reason. I think I finally got it to the correct email! lol

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