Working Gags

This week’s theme on Rarasaur’s PromtForThePromptless is Gag Humor: a repeating word, phrase, motion or situation that adds humor to a conversation/book/movie.

My husband calls me a squirrel.  Other people just call me a nut.  And anyone who works with a nut knows that they have nutty quirks.  And nutty quirks lead to nutty stories.  And nutty stories lead to gag humor.  I am a pen nut at my job.  Pens are still pretty necessary in hospitals, although that’s slowly changing.  Now I mostly use pens for writing notes on myself, as I can never find a sticky note, or keep it on me when I do.  But back in the day when all orders, treatments and medical records were handwritten, the absence of a pen for even a few minutes was a Critical Emergency.  One was simply shut down without it.

Enter the pen necklace.  This amazing invention was the meat to my potatoes, the yin to my yang and without it I was just lost.  My special pen necklace was NEVER off my neck.  Of course, because I was organized and always well penned, people would grab my pen off the pen holder on the necklace AND NOT BRING IT BACK.  That was #1 on my offense list and when I realized the pen was out of the holder I ran around like a wild woman yelling out to all and sundry, “Ahhhh!  My pen!  Who has it!  Have you seen it? Have you? Have you? Have you?”  I literally couldn’t do anything without my pen and life and my sanity quickly went downhill.

My co-workers quickly picked up on this weakness of mine and the games began.  My pen was held hostage on a regular basis, turning up in bizarre areas doing bizarre things.  But the piece de resistance was walking in one day with my pen holder hanging like a criminal with a tampon stuffed up into its’ little head and a note ransoming off the pen body.  I did get the pen back, but the tampon pen became a joke that was used to lighten the mood for years afterwards!

I don’t carry alcohol well.  Which was quickly noted by my co-workers when we went out.  As a subspecialty, our unit went to a lot of meetings and conferences.  While at my first conference I went to an evening dinner and was appalled to be at a meeting where physicians spent the entire night arguing.  Wanting to be anywhere else, I had more than what I allot myself to drink out of boredom.

Unfortunately I was at a table of jokesters, and egged me on when I complained about having to listen to the arguments.  I began throwing myself around, banging my head on the table and I finally said, “Who dares me to fall out of my chair and have a seizure?”  Well, Dr B dared me, and I promptly flopped out of my chair while pretending to choke myself with a napkin and have a seizure.  The entire table was convulsed with laughter.  Unfortunately my boss saw the entire episode.  So I was grounded from conferences for a long time.  Of course the story got around, and periodically my co-workers would grab a napkin and pretend to choke themselves with it whenever they had to listen to something they did not want to hear!

What gag humor situations have you seen at work?


9 comments on “Working Gags

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  2. Sadly enough, I understand the pen thing. When I was a waitress, I always kept at least five pens in my apron. Unfortunately, asking me for a pen became such a running gag that the customers started doing it too.

    • I recently went to a restaurant where none of the waiters were allowed pens. All had to be memorized. And one of the people I was with had a very intricate order, and it all come out perfect! Waiters amaze me, I have short term memory problems from a medical reasons and I could never do that! He cited the pen issue as one of the reasons why they stopped!

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  5. Back in the day when we had black push button dial pads and handsets I taped down the little thingies that pop up when you pick up the handset on the phone of the guy who worked right next to me while he was out to lunch. When he came back I called him. He ran to his phone and picked it up to talk, and, of course, he couldn’t hear anyone talking. All he heard was me laughing my posterior into a frenzy. I had to show him the tape on the thingies. It was hilarious. to me. He was not impressed.

    • Pranksters are generally only humorous to….themselves! That being said, pretty funny joke on him, although I guess that your professional relationship suffered a bit. Did he ever get you back?

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