Having a Glass Body Day

Well, it’s true. When nothing goes in, nothing goes out.  But when something goes in, no matter how little, something should come out.  Dehydration equals constipation.  No fiber equals constipation.  Opoid meds equal constipation.  Eating one type of food, the Egg Custard….. constipation.  Sitting on one’s booty for days at a time….guess what?  Constipation!  I had a hard tummy pooch and I have not one ounce of fat on my abdomen, benefits of boob harvestation.  Well, I am thankful that the 5 foot  baby got birthed.  🙂 One happy ending anyway. What can I say, Irritable Bowel Syndrome at it’s best.

Everything on me hurts.  Dehydration will do that to you.

The Egg Custard was watery today.  It gets that way.  Not really one of those dishes that can sit around for any length of time.  Sadly, no more Egg Custard.  My dad is in the hospital with double pneumonia, and mom is taking care of him.  He and I  are the see-saws to her pole.  Plus, I am sick of Egg Custard. (!)

I went to my normal follow-up cancer appointment.  My oncologist is the coolest doode.  But they all are.  Cancer doctors are just special.  Most offer to become your primary doctor if you survive cancer if you want them to.  Partly because what is left of you after cancer isn’t too pretty, and most GP’s are so overloaded that the special post-cancer needs, the “glass” patients’, are often better left in the hands of the specialists.

I am so low on fluids, if you couldn’t tell from my first sentence.  I’m peeing brown.  And I have a glass ear (my term for a medical problem) and whenever I am out of balance I get right-sided vertigo when I turn my head.   So I was pretty miserable, first because my center of gravity had changed to my bowels and second because I was on a repeating Wheely Go Round any time I turned my head.  And my hands were blue from dehydration.

Vertigo illustration–thelittlechimpsociety.com

Try and drive with vertigo.  Not the best, and I will deny it right and left if this post gets to litigation!

Poor Dr Pluenneke (don’t ask, just try).  He saw my pitiful self  and how dizzy I was and told me I would be so much better with IV fluids.  Oh, no! I refused and refused and refused.

Dr P: Just let me give you some IV fluids. You will feel so much better, like you did on chemo. You can come in a couple of times a week until you are drinking better.

Me: No, I just need to suck it up and keep on.  What is that really going to do?

Dr P: Make you feel better.

Me: Until I pee it right back on out.

Dr P: Not for 24 hours or so. And you will catch up some by drinking today.

Me: Have you seen what they did to my veins? My right arm was twice the size of the left by the time I left the hospital!  I couldn’t close my fingers.  My body HATES IV fluids!  (We look at my blue hands.)  See? No veins left.  And see that last little one right there? Im saving it for a car accident.

Finally he gave up.

Going home in a dizzy whirl, I wondered what made me so resistant to getting help.  My boss ordered me to go in and get some IV fluids.  I think I would have gone for the IV fluids if it would have been a permanent fix for me.  But the effort is just too time consuming as a Band-Aid therapy only.  Plus, I would be poked and prodded and I am out of veins right now.  I’ve never had veins.  Even when I was anorexic.  I have those “no vein” arms, and only one pitiful vein in each hand.  I am a “horrible stick”, as they say in lab land.  So I protect them, because I get a lot of lab drawn and I need every little sucker I have plump and happy and ready to take one for the team.

One should always have a little vein saved for the Car Accident.


4 comments on “Having a Glass Body Day

  1. I can’t tell you just how sorry I am for you right now Lori but believe me it’s a lot. I can sympathise with the constipation problem and just how uncomfortable it is. I suffer that and also have some blood there which they wanted to investigate before Ju became ill but she was my priority. Now of course I won’t go because I don’t have Ju to do my talking for me and I can’t be on my own with strangers- even if I could get there.
    I hope you soon feel better and that the dehydration disappears as you drink more. It’s a shame you wouldn’t have the IV but I do understand.
    Take care of yourself. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so it is feast or famine! And anything gets me off track. Narcotics shut me down completely. I mainly put this in for humor effect, but it has contributed to my not wanting to eat anything. David, you CANNOT not get that looked at! What are you going to do about other stuff you need to have checked? Can Yvonne go with you or another trusted friend? I understand about the talking issue, but Ju would, I think, tell you to buck up and bear with it. She is with you in spirit, hold her hand in spirit and do what needs to be done. You are such a strong person, even if you don’t see it. Let your strength pull you through. Of course, here I am, a total hyppocrit. It hurts to drink, so I don’t except for a few sips here and there. I only have a could things I am willing to try and drink because cold hurts. So I need to take my own advice, as today I was so orthostatic that I got up and almost fell.

  2. Welcome to the RCC. I think you will find a lot of support here.

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