Rome Construction Crew Entry Goals

I recently joined http://romeconstructioncrew.com,  a support group forum started by wordpress bloggers that is open to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life or to realize a dream.  Check it out!  These are seriously talented people, so I am a little overawed, but at RCC it isn’t who you are but what you accomplish with the goals you set that will set you star shining in the heavens.  And the goals are as unique and personal as the person setting them.

So why join a forum? I need a kick in my ass.  I have needed a kick for some time.  I have tried to kick my own ass, but it hasn’t worked.  So I need accountability.  And I am interested in helping others get inspired to accomplish goals of their own.  I decided to check it out after Kira at Wrestling Life blogged about her goals.


Bible reading is important to me, but I tend to do it as an afterthought. I want do my devotions daily,  but for now at least four times a week.

Mental Health:

I am struggling with an obsession.  For now I need to come up with some goal but I don’t even know where to start.  So  I will set a goal to pray daily about it.


I need to eat less.  Of interest, the last two weeks I have eaten very little following surgery, and I really didnt miss it.  I think eating is mainly emotional and habit.  I would like to re-set my food choices with this surgery and restrict calories as  I don’t really miss eating that much.

I need to lose weight by exercise.  I have told myself this daily for the last 6 months. I have exercised a few times.  I want to exercise four times a week to start.  I will think about weight loss after I get my butt in a routine.


It is really early to look at post-op singing, but I did a few exercises.  I have my voice, and can sing non-vocals.  But I cannot sing words without pain and it feels all WRONG.   I will need rehab.  And this leaves me pretty teary eyed.  So I will continue to heal and for now just do gentle exercises.  I will need to find an instructor later on, and this will eventually be a goal.

I need to figure out if I can clean up some of my A Capella pieces and find a program for recording.  No idea where to start! I am a technology moron.

This is one of my posted songs, a Celtic piece that I really love if you want to listen, but you need headphones: http://wp.me/s2HuGi-4144


I would love to submit a poem somewhere.  Not sure where though.  If anyone has ideas, I am open!


6 comments on “Rome Construction Crew Entry Goals

  1. You can submit a poem to the Community Storyboard blog. 😀

    I hope you can get back to singing soon and have a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you! I want to submit something, but I figured you all were overloaded with submissions. I tried a little singing and it is actually better now that I have an airway, so I am excited! I can only do a little because I taste blood after a couple of minutes. I just need to get my consonents up to speed. Of course, that means I will be posting lots of songs…..LOL.

  2. Great write up on what the RCC is! This seems like a great start. Just don’t be like me and try to run before you can walk, lol. As Charles said, hoping for a speedy recovery! 🙂

    • Walking is all I will be able to do for a while! I lost 10 pounds the last 2 weeks, hard way to lose weight, but I am going to keep it off as soon as I get back my energy. My 20th anniversary is in 4 months and I want to be mucho thinner by then.

  3. I hope everything starts to run smoothly for you from here on in. The help of a support group like this will be great for you. xx Hugs xx

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