What Happened to the Attitude of Gratitude?

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson (Photo credit: wallstalking.org)

Unless you are unusually blessed, parenting and school have a 100% chance of creating acid reflux.  With all the distractions of the electronic age, kids are less and less interested in attending school.  The internet almost negates school, and no child wants to sit for hours at a time learning stuff they don’t see valuable.  Summer school programs are sporadically offered, but my school district has a great program.  Unfortunately my son has never taken to it, and I told him one year in grade school that he did not need to go anymore.

But his grades were poor at the end of 5th grade, and I decided he needed a boost.  The following is a short poem taken from a discussion with my son.  Most parents will be able to relate to this dialog!

My school district offers (to any who choose)

a short summer program for  ‘summertime blues’.

The mornings are spent deciphering ancient clues;

the afternoons—you pick whatever you choose!


My son was to begin middle school,

So to enforce new studying rules.

I decided he couldn’t lose,

and signed him up for this free start.      



“Oh, MOM, that is SO GAY!

NO ONE COOL goes to summer school!

I wanna have fun on my vacation days!

Not get up early like you old fools!”


My eyes widened and glinted red!

I wanted to grab him and shout,

“If you were any dumber you’d be DEAD!

You ungrateful entitled lout!

This education is totally free,

and a fantastic opportunity!”


 But instead, with deep breath, I said,

“It would be best for your health

to develop an attitude of gratitude.

Education is the key to wealth…….


6 comments on “What Happened to the Attitude of Gratitude?

  1. Very nice, liked the last para, it is so true.

    • I should send my son to Africa and let him talk to the kids there who would do anything for an education. I have mistakenly raised an overprivledged, entitled child. Right now he doesn’t even have his phone. He screwed up so bad that he just gave it to me without any hassle!

  2. This is wonderful!! Kids, what are we going to do with them 🙂

    • After last night, I am ready to throw him into Juvie. Right now he is without said phone, and he knows he screwed up so bad that he voluntarily handed it over without a word. I am just ready to strangle him….or myself!

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