Les Mis: Castle on a Cloud

Singing and writing are my passion and outlets.  I love to write, but I have taken long periods of time off without feeling stifled.  Singing is a different story.  I sing all the time.  I don’t even know it, until one of my kids says, “Hey mom, I want to listen to the radio, and you shut up for a bit?”


My recent surgery has stressed me out in every way possible.  But I have been on pins and needles over the possibility that I wont be able to sing again.  Last week  I tried a little and I began to bleed a bit.  And it sounded BAD.   Moving my throat at all to make different sounds was horrible.

Today I decided to try a little more.  And the improvement was amazing.  I have the same tone, something that could have changed.  What I don’t have is a strong lower range and I have difficulty with any consonant that uses the back of my throat.  For some reason, “O” is the worst and I am having a horrible time rounding out vowels.  But I know what I need to work on now, and I will wait a little more to let it heal.


I decided to record the lullaby in Les Mis “Castle in the Clouds” as a baseline.  One of them is a Soprano 2 and the other is a Soprano 1.  I sound quite different in each, and I would love to get any input.  Or if you liked one version over the other, let me know!


6 comments on “Les Mis: Castle on a Cloud

  1. Now you know your voice is returning, why not let the kids have the radio on and give yourself time to heal properly.Maybe in another week or so you won’t have trouble with those pesky low notes or lw ntes as you must know them as at the moment.
    Huge Hugs xxxx

    • Thanks Greg! I think you should serenade one of your poems… you know, get the full ambiance of picture, words and sound….

      • That is a great idea! So…how did you create/save/include your audio file in your post? Is it the same as adding a photo from the media library? Special format?

        • You have to pay for the privilege. But if you have paid for video, try uploading audio. They said I needed to pay for audio due to memory. Bunch of……my uploaded cache of 15 MP3 songs aren’t costing any space at all, grrr (that is ferocious dragon sound poorly written). Once you hand over the moola, then you go to Add media then either upload the MP3 file or choose from ones you already uploaded. If you have issues, let me know. I know there are some themes that let you have audio as soon as the post starts as well.

  2. So good to hear you singing again, Lori. You’re really sounding good. I like the first one better, but mostly just love the fact that God’s giving you your voice and singing back. Prayers for continued recovery.

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