Life with Father

My dad is an Original.  He is brilliant (has a Mensa IQ); has lived all over the world; is a Vietnam vet; worked at Area 51; worked at Las Vegas Casino’s in the 50’s (when it was just starting to get popular) and met multiple 1950’s stars; spent 20 years designing and creating electrical transformers for the Limerick Nuclear Reactor; and renovated the now deceased King Khalid of Saudi Arabia’s guest palace.  He has met multiple members of Royalty; made Yassir Arafat really mad; met multiple VIP’s; worked for billionaire Mr Keating; and is a gifted storyteller with details that just amaze me every time I hear his stories.  I have heard his stories all my life, and I never get tired of them!  Storytelling is part of his family culture; my grandpa was also a “mesmerizing” storyteller.

Mom and Dad

My dad is also a “semi-professional” fly fisherman.  We took a vacation to Yellowstone together one year, and his fishing guide told him of the BIG ONE that had been spotted for years in a certain section of the river, but never caught.  Of course my dad catches it on his first day out.  His guide almost fainted with  astonishment.  But to the guide’s greater astonishment, he returns it to the river.

The guide said, “Why didn’t you keep it?”

My dad replied,  “I have nothing to prove to anyone, I’ve been fishing for 50 years, and that fish has survived despite constant attempts to catch him, he deserves to live.”

The following day we were driving by the fishing guide center and it was PACKED with fisherman frantically gearing up.  My dad went in and was hailed like a hero.  The fishermen were going out to get that fish or die in the attempt. He was offered a job and was told his story had spread out all along Yellowstone and was giving their outfit a huge advertisement.  Only my dad would catch The Big One and walk away from it!

Babbling brook

Babbling brook (Photo credit: Mexicanwave)

This poem takes his nickname “Babbling Brook” (babbling for his stories, Brook for his surname and both as a nod to his fly fishing) and I try to capture him in a short but fun poem.  Note: the phrase “moffe fluz” is “no money” in Arabic, a private joke in my family.

Take a look there’s babbling Brook!

A man unique, few can compare

His mind, sharp as a fishing hook,

with stories large with flair.

He speaks with the confidence of a sage;

a Shakespearean comedian and  bard.

Knowing the story on the next page

he slyly moves the details around….

What a Card!

A fly fisherman of yore, catching the “big ‘un”.

Each story as large as the fishes caught.

But they are so full of fishin’ fun

that swallowing it whole is easily bought.

He fishes with flies, luring them with honey

sweet and sticky as the stories told.

But when asked for money

“moffe fluz” never runs cold!

There is an oral tradition we Brook’s inherit:

To tell a Tale shows our true merit.

And my dad’s the best “babbler” in the bunch!


8 comments on “Life with Father

  1. Lovely story Lori. As our fathers age there are the stories they told which we want to remember them by. Your dad has a lot I am sure. My father died last year and i have many stories about him which I treasure.

    • I hope you are sharing them! My dad is a piece of work. We get along well, but he is complicated. We bought him a voice activated recorded for his computer so he can talk out his stories into it. I hope he gets to complete it, his health is also not very good due to severe damage to his lungs from radiation. Thank you for reading!

  2. Sounds like you have been very blessed with a great role model in your Dad!

  3. Now I know where your many talents and kind nature come from. xx Hugs xx

  4. Great tribute to your father. Lovely poem.

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