Tangled Incantation Song

Tangled is a recent Disney film that restored by belief  in the Magic of Disney.  If I could choose my occupation, it would be as a singer of those wonderful songs that always accompany the movies.

Instead I help children with kidney failure.  A fair trade.

But singing was always my secret love.  I would put on my record player when I was very young as soon as people were out of the house and sing my heart out to Julie Andrews, my ultimate hero.  Over time  I recognized that I had a bell-like soprano voice.  Kinda like Crème Brulee  but sweeter.  But, ever practical, I didn’t want to be a singer who couldn’t pay the rent.  So I got my BSN and have paid my bills ever since.  But time has a way of changing one’s mind, so two years ago I decided to get my voice in shape, and began lessons to partly keep my mind off of chemotherapy.  They were going great and I was on a three-year professional track.  I met several performance pianists who told me I had the best voice they had ever heard.   I would bring in MP3 recordings to my co-workers and they would sit and listen with tears running unnoticed down their cheeks.  Probably partly because they were so impressed that I was trying to do something despite my pitiful condition.  🙂

Then, disaster.  I broke my voice.  Badly.

I couldn’t sing, and could hardly speak for three months.  And I was bitter.

Yes, Ben (Ben’s Bitter Blog), you see it in writing.  The grateful woman was bitterly disappointed.

But I learned from the experience.  I had been singing wrong and I discovered that one vocal cord was really doing the work of both.  Probably due to a surgery that knocked out my taste on the right and most likely weakened the cord on that side.  I didn’t realize that I swallow, talk and eat on the other side until this happened.

So I have been trying to sing properly, hard with a weak vocal cord.  But it is improving.  I can hear shadows of what it was in upper octaves.  And my recent surgery to open my airway will be a good thing long-term.  I just need to figure out how to say throat consonants a little better.  I may never get all of it back and I have given up professional training.  A bitter pill to swallow.  But I can still sing at home, and that is a great comfort when I am sad.

I recorded a little song from Tangled called the “Incantation”.  It has the most beautiful tune and lyrics.  I often sing this for practice to strengthen notes above and below my break point.  I wanted to share it as it turned out better than I expected, and some of you may never have heard this it you don’t have Disney age kids.


Greg (Memoirs of a Dragon) that double dog (or should I say…..Dragon)  dare is still on…..


18 comments on “Tangled Incantation Song

  1. Sometimes nature steps in and our dreams don’t materialise as we would like. However you sing beautifully and no matter what you will always love singing, and you will always sing because singing makes you feel whole. So keep at it, for your own sake. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You sing like an angel, do the job of an angel and are like an angel to your friends whom you comfort with your blogs.
    xxx Hugs xxx

    • HAHAHA–Im a trifecta! What a lovely compliment, and thank you for it! Sometimes remembering what one ‘was’ and comparing to what one is ‘now’ doesnt allow for joy. I should and am grateful for what I have left.

      • That’s real hard. I had to leave my profession (pediatrician) because of my BP disorder, and even though it’s been 12 years I still choke up even writing this. The loss of the ability to do something you passionately love and that gives you immense pleasure and sense of accomplishment is really hard.

        • I knew that you had to leave but THAT is so much worse to my way of thinking. Leaving an occupation that took–what–4 years of undergrad-4 years of Med school and at least 3 years of Residency SUCKS. I am glad when I read your posts of Isreal that you found something that you love to do and helps others. Silver linings are special.

  3. Wow! How beautiful! I didn’t know you are a SINGER. Not “just” a singer, but a SINGER!!!! I can only imagine how terrifying that tongue surgery must have been for you, on that front. But you’re sounding great! Hope you can somehow get that other cord working. Any chance of the ENTs working some magic for you?

    Sending love and good healing juju,


    • I could go to a specialist, but I don’t think it is covered. If it was my occupation I would, but an expensive bill for just a hobby is not in my financial best interests. Sigh, isn’t it always the case that one has to choose between what one loves and what one needs?

  4. Yay, Lori. You’re sounding really good, especially after everything you’ve gone through. Keep singing. Keep pursuing your dreams. God bless you.

  5. i couldn’t even carry an iTunes gift card in a bag! 🙂

  6. Whenever I listen to that song from ‘Tangled’, I think of this verse – ‘And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, …’ Joel 2:25 KJV
    Praying that you will see how God restores to you what was once yours – a bit like Isaac – more precious cos it was laid on the altar and restored. Praying that God will use your voice mightily to bring comfort, peace and healing to many for His glory. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Yes, it is a song of Lamentation, even with the Fates as the reason for the loss. I often think of Lamentations and sackcloths/ashes as the haunting melody and anguished words speak of a sadness only God can heal.

  7. That is kind of like in Pitch Perfect where the one girls breaks her nodes I think? That sounds terrible. I hope the heck you were bitter about it. So thanks for referencing my bitterness.

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