Audi Commercial

To anyone who likes Spock: an AWESOME Audi commercial with Leonard Nemoy and Zachary Quinto 




4 comments on “Audi Commercial

  1. Yeah! Love the way he put the Vulcan…ah…what do you call it? On the little pipsqueak. That’ll learn ’em. Did you know that Leonard Nimoy is a Kohen (of the Jewish Priestly class) in real life? The Vulcan “hand motion” is taken from the traditional (even today) motion that the Kohanim use to bless the people.

    • I didn’t! I didn’t! Amazing! The things Techie Mag never told me…..really cool about the hand gesture. I am in the Neandrathal era for knowing about current day Jewish rites. I just know about the Biblical period. A person has to be from the Tribe of Levi to be a priest still, right?

  2. And for me, the funniest part is that my brother actually just BOUGHT that Audi, a week before the commercial came out!

    • Too funny. Audi’s are too rich for my blood! Car snob…..Im trying to think of DRAGONS in an AUDI…..[imagining]….ok, yes it goes well. Good chick car too! 🙂 I only do all wheel drive cars from an accident I had that wrecked my beloved Saturn many years ago. So I am a Subaru only woman. I have three. Yes, not very poetic, but practicality is a must in Missouri due to the weather. Oh, wait, you live in Canada. I wouldn’t imagine Audi’s do well in the winter….(?)

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