Life Question #1

Why do all my Haiku poems pop into my head when I am speeding?


8 comments on “Life Question #1

  1. Probably in response to the HUGE adrenalin rush you are having!!! Though :
    Speeding in my car
    Can attract a policeman
    Bank balance suffers.

    I think that is right?

  2. Perhaps a better question would be, Why are you always speeding when thinking up Haikus? xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Just bought an Audi!
    Shields Up! Go to Red Alert!
    Tribbles with the law

    • Watch out–I got two tickets in ONE WEEK (stupid unusual circumstances…grrr) in my new Subaru Impreza. Now I pay 25% more car insurance because I am “likely to get in a car accident” per the letter. I haven’t had a car accident that was my fault for close to two decades. One of the perks of Kansas City is LOTS of wide open interstates. What a tease. So, pedal to the metal is a temptation I cant resist. And it FREES THE MIND. Of course, when I get into this state, my head POURS out stuff, and if I don’t write it down IMMEDIATELY I forget it. So I have a notebook and have perfected the art of writing with my non-dominant hand without looking. I see the terror, or grinning amusement on your face….

  4. Hmmm….that was almost a haiku!

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