Cherry Pickin’ Time!

It’s time to pick cherries! I have two cherry trees.  They love me.  One of the few living organisms in my yard that does.  I am a genius at killing what I plant, and growing weeds.  But these trees  have thousands of cherries on them.  We picked yesterday for HOURS.  I popped so many in my mouth that I am afraid to go too far from the bathroom…  🙂  My mom came over, so it was a family affair.  She will make cherry pies, and I will graciously eat them.  Ahhh, perks of having a baker mom live close!


We kept these four containers. My mom has a huge bucketful with at least twice as much!


These are cherries from the view of my deck.  Yes, breakfast and snacks are put an arm length away….although the arm length is now enough of a stretch that I fear falling off the deck right. on. to. my. nose. Tempting little suckers, eh?


This is our smaller tree, but it produces more cherries and they are better tasting.  Not sure why….


This is our back cherry tree.  It is trying to eat our deck.  We did not think it would get this large.  We have Robins living in this one.  I am trying to be nice and share.  Both trees are waaay to bushy and need trimming!


9 comments on “Cherry Pickin’ Time!

  1. It is a great feeling to have productive vegetation in your yard that is not a weed. Like you I can grow pedigree weeds, without blinking an eye. Harvesting your bounty is wonderful and that you have a mother who bakes and lives nearby, what a bonus!
    I am sure you will enjoy everyone you pick.

  2. I foresee some tummy aches soon at this rate. And at the pace you’re picking them, for the whole neighbourhood too. Please don’t overdo things, it’s not that long since your operation.
    xxx Hugs xxx

    • HAHA, I can eat cherries just fine…they mush up and slip down without a hitch! I still struggle with other stuff, but these are great! I have been told, no commanded, to go on the Paleo diet. And picking one’s breakfast off a tree cannot be any more Paleo! But yes, too much of one thing is not good!

  3. My Grandma Sawyer used to make from-scratch cherry pies that were heavenly. If you’d like to FedEx me a freshly-made cherry pie, I’d be happy to do quality control on it and write a review for Food Network for you. After you talked about them like you did I can actually taste it. Mine has a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on it. And I’ll probably have phantom seconds, or at least dream about it.

    • So kind of you to offer! I will brave food bourne illness, as I would not want anyone sick over my cherry hoarde. Today I went and picked cherries for breakfast. Without washing, I popped one in my mouth. Sadly, I believe there was a film of bird poo. One should always look carefully–and wash–fruit!

      • I have been reading your blog and think you are amazing. You are a great writer with a wonderful spirit and sense of humor. The Queen of Quirk. I don’t know much about your cancer or your bipolar or your other health issues (except constipation–been there done that), but I’ve had both in our family. My step-son is bipolar and we’ve both had parents suffer and die from cancer. I am a kook, although I don’t come across that way on my blog. I look forward to many more chats with you and reading more of your quirky stuff. God bless.

        • Are you back on now from haitus? I need to re-follow you if you are. Let me know.

          • Nope. Still on sabbatical. I’m praying now about starting up again in August reposting some of my readers’ favorite posts from my archives until I jump out of the shute with new stuff in September. Will be grateful to have you follow, as I will be following you. God bless.

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