To Paleo Or Not To Paleo….That Is My Current Question

My dad labeled my diet “Weeds and Seeds” when I was a hot young thing just out of college.  And it was true.  I ate a close to what is now called Paleo diet.  That and faithful exercise kept me in pretty good condition.   As a picture always give more proof than idle words on a page, I give you Me At Twenty-Three: ignore the hideous dress, I was a Romantic, and Laura Ashley was my Identity.  (And just as an aside, don’t I look like a fairy-sprite?  Cant you imagine me with fairy wings and a wreath in my hair?  🙂 )

Lori pre marriage 019

I went to see a dermatologist recently due to redness on my face that comes and goes.  During our consultation, Dr Hornig told me that I was choked up with inflammation, and I needed to stop eating gluten and embrace a Paleo diet.  I have been gradually switching to the mediterranean diet, but she doesn’t think any pasta at all is a good idea.  So I am going to try “Weeds and Seeds” again.  The main problem is inconvenience.  It is so much easier to grab a sandwich then to wash and cut up a load of veggies and fruit.  Although I don’t taste carbs well, they are easy and convenient.  So, today I tried it.  A veggie frittata for breakfast, cherries picked from my cherry tree for lunch, yogurt and chia/hemp/walnuts and…..macaroni and cheese.  Yes, I fell off the wagon at the end.  But I was tired from cherry picking and weeding the yard, and the mac and cheese was Leftovers.  Heat and serve.  My kinda meal.

That is what is so awesome about Tomorrows.  They are there to chart a new path.  Every tomorrow is an opportunity for greatness.  Or eating a Paleo diet. My husband is the Shopper.  I hate shopping, too much stimulation, too many choices.  Of course, when I shop the bill is 40% lower, but we run out of everything and mom is vilified.

Brent: Did you put items you want on the list?

Me: Just get me stuff for a Paleo diet.

B: Do you know what that is?

Me: Weeds and seeds

B: You haven’t read up on it have you….

Me: No, but it’s hunter-gatherer stuff.  Just hunt and gather it, will you?

B: You need a cookbook.

Me: You don’t cook it!  You chop and eat!

B: [Eye rolling]

I should tape conversations at my house.  We are a sit-com in the making.  My husband and I have a semi-humorous battle raging on everything known to domesticity.  Never dull.  So I shall gather what he hunts and see if I feel better and have fewer medical issues.  Of course, with everything steeped in chemicals,  I shall probably die faster……


12 comments on “To Paleo Or Not To Paleo….That Is My Current Question

  1. Good luck Lori. Seeds and weeds, really!
    I think very domestic household is a possible sit com.
    Though mine would have worked better in the horror genre.

    • Oh, so sorry to hear that! We have definitely had our ups and downs, some so down that I almost left. But humor is a salve that covers many sins. And we are both snarky but not mean.

  2. Hi Lori – I started eating paleo last year after being gluten free for about 3 years – there is sooo much prep work that goes into it, but I do have quite a few recipes for paleo breads (made out of coconut flour) and cauliflower substitutes for wraps and pizza bases if you’re ever interested!

  3. Awesome eighties hairstyle though I gather you were 23 just last year????
    I’m not sure a husband’s idea of hunter gather is the same as a wife’s since we’d probably revert to caveman and you’ll eat a lot of raw mammoth or something, or maybe a packet of salted peanuts. Good luck with the rash. xx Hugs xx

  4. 1) you were, and still are, gorgeous. 2) hunters and gatherers spent their time hunting and gathering, not so much preparing. I’ve eaten Paleo on and off for years, and my son does too. Diet consists of grilled meats, salads, cooked veggies, and simple grains like kinoa (sorry if I don’t spell it right, I only know how to spell it in Hebrew!), amaranth, brown rice, and legumes. I get around the bread issues by using corn tortillas (I’m gluten intolerant to a ridiculous degree). Raw veggies depend on your individual constitution. You’ll never go wrong by eating simple cooked veggies. I grill up a bunch of chicken and when it’s done I grill zucchini, onions, and Portabella mushroom caps, or make skewers of chicken and veggies and have that over rice or kinoa. It’s soooooo good and you can have leftovers. Of course you can do that with any meat. My only problem right now is that it’s been raining here for two weeks solid and I can’t grill!!!! I might have to cave and buy one of those George Forman dealies.

    • Yes, I am slowly learning, although I have put in some mediteranean components to it like hummus and olive oil and dried tomatoes. I also cannot CANNOT resist Charbani greek yogurt with all the seeds (hemp,chia and several others), so that STAYS!

  5. Weeds? and Seeds? Please don’t turn paleolichic on us. I’ve decided that the best response to any of your posts is simply, and always: “You’re a kook!” I can’t think of anything I’ve read on RePrEsSeD ExPrEsSkOnS for which that comment would not fit. I would even say the same thing about the title of your blog. It sounds as if you and your husband have a lot of fun being kookie together. Is he a nut like you, or does he come closer to normal than you?
    Sorry, but I’m incapable of putting all kidding aside to say anything else. Love the queenlorene look, and at 21 I would have thought you were a babe! And you really do need to learn to shop. You meet the goofiest people in the produce section, where you get all those weeds and seeds!

    • I prefer the word QUIRKY, thank you! Quirky is fun and cute and goofy with a twist….my title should have been Eclectic Expressions, as this blog is anything I want it to be at any given time–if you didn’t see the post on this, it is a hoot. Repressed Expressions does sound a little x rated but it was meant to mean stuff that I have never written about and wanted to, or poems or singing. My husband is the most politically correct person you could ever meet–outside our home. Inside he rolls his eyes a lot, but I think he secretly likes it. He is The Pole and I am The Squirrel (see the same post as above). I was cute, but so depressed that I couldn’t enjoy it! Well, that kept me out of a load of trouble I am sure! I hate shopping–I get overstimulated and everything melts together into one big mess, so Brent goes. Of course the bill is 25% higher–he is organic and experimental–but I will pay for the convenience of a buyer. I am glad you like my fun tongue in cheekiness–you are good to talk to and I missed your comments! I hope your sabbatical was all you wanted it to be and you came back inspired.

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