Life Snippet #1

Brent: Why are you sitting in the chair with your legs shaking?
Me: I have to pee… BAD!
Brent: Um…why don’t you get up?
Me: I’m too into this post right now.
Brent: Um, you gonna be ok?
Me: No, idiot, you broke my concentration, now it’s starting to dribble out! Thanks and get out of my way!

I am embarrassed to say that this is a not uncommon conversation in my home. I just cant stop what I am doing, usually reading your posts, until it’s almost TOO LATE.  🙂



13 comments on “Life Snippet #1

  1. Sometimes it’s all about priorities.

  2. I’m not going to write, “You’re a kook” any more.
    I’m just going to say, “It’s me.” Then you’ll know my comment from memory.
    I’m going to try this out. Let me know if it works!

  3. It’s me.

  4. I am sure there are worse things. Though you must look a sight!

  5. Oh dear. I so relate to this. Often I’m sitting here in my recliner typing away and my bladder is screaming for attention, and when I finally give in to it, I barely make it to my pee jar (I don’t have a toilet, and with all the rain we’ve been having I’m damned if I’m going out to the outhouse and get drenched, so I resort to a very old tradition….

    • Wow….just a little speechless here. I will never complain again. I couldn’t hit a jar if you paid me 10G. I have tried to pee outside of a toilet twice. Once when I was three and with my dad fishing. I remember classic phrases like: Daddy it’s WARM! Needless to say I was not too dry after that. The second time I got a little liquored up at Avalon (a classy beach town in NJ) and my friend and I were trying to pee on the beach. The wind was blowing and I was too dizzy to squat. Then I started laughing hysterically and fell on my bootie. Sandy and wet was not what I envisioned….

  6. And my husband thinks I am addicted!

  7. I am glad someone else behaves like this! lol

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