Mars Haiku

Varigated Rusts

Glowing Semi-precious Jewell

Galaxy Neighbor

I did not submit my Haiku for the MARS contest.Β  I figured there were so many better poems, why try? I have seen some of the poems on the blogs I follow and I am amazed at the talent that is displayed every day in the wordpress world.

Picture: space.com


29 comments on “Mars Haiku

  1. You should have Lori, this is a good one, I like it.

  2. You’re hiding your light under a bushel Lori. It’s very good. xx Hugs xx

  3. You know what, to the artist with the right brand of humility, their best work often looks like sh*t. Enter those contests, my dear. The worst that can happen is you won’t win. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique, your talents are unique. I think your haiku is delicious.

  4. You should have entered! This is incredible. Next you better enter the contest, woman!!! :0)

    • Actually I found out about the closing date one day too late. Not that it would have mattered. Some of the haikus from professionals were so amazing. So it will sit on my little blog, collecting dust, as a memory. I never thought that I would love syllable poems as much as I do. And I give you and Greg the credit for forcing me to reach for….MARS!

      • I’m always in awe of Greg’s poetry! He is a true poet. Me, I’m a dabbler! lol I love the syllable poems too!

        • I as well. Although you are SO prolific! And yours is meat and potatoes, necessary for survival. Greg is CrΓ¨me Brulee πŸ™‚ Not that crΓ¨me brulee is NOT necessary for survival (it’s my favorite dessert). He reminds me a little of Keats. I just want to know where he gets all those cool words from….although I cant ask, as that would make me sound moronic πŸ™‚ Compared to most, I have an advanced vocab, but he just leaves me in the dust….I gotta look some of them up! LOL

  5. It wouldn’t let me post on our original thread…ugh! That is really strange about WP. Where you ever able to create a new blog? I have a couple of blogs (one with another email address) and then the rest under my “Kira” account. I am using them for different aspects of my treatment. I have my “Dear God Diary” one that I use for my letters to God. The last couple times I tried treatment I completely left God out of the equation…didn’t work so well! I have a “Therapy Memoirs” that we are using to process memories from childhood on up. And then I have one for my confessions as a Sex Addict. It seems to be really working well in our holistic approach to healing and wholeness. That stinks that you have Fibro too and since you a youngster! I will check out the link in a little bit! xoxo

    • Sob….I WANT to create a fairy blog called “fantasyfromaforlornfairy” so I can post JUST fantasy poetry and the like. But I want it separate and I don’t know why WP insists it stays attached to queenlorene! Grrr…I made up a new email, it wouldn’t accept it. I could go on and on….I just wasn’t meant to be a fairy blog.

      • We’re you completely signed out of your queenlorene account?

        • Yup. But I think it knows this computer! Because I tried to sign in on the new one and it wouldn’t accept it. It said I was queenlorene! I think my computer is sentient! After all the words I have put into it, maybe! LOL

          • Did you sign out & try again?

            • No, Im thinking of stealing my daughters….as the new microphone my husband bought me only works on Windows 7 and I have Windows 8. One would think a computer guy would look at this…..LOL Anyway, I need to load up the mic program into hers, so I will re-try then. I wish WP had a FANTASY theme……

              • That’s like a great idea! You can tweak some of the themes to look more fantasy like with headers & backgrounds πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to you getting it up and running so I can read your poetry!!

  6. Mars! My favorite planet! I did not participate either though I had thought about it, I got too nervous. πŸ™‚ Yours is a great haiku!

    • I should have but I missed the date by one day. Just my luck. To see a jaw dropping Mars Haiku go to my favorite blog “Memoirs of a Dragon” and find Mars Haiku on the side. I read it and I thought, ok, there is no chance for me! Although I liked what I came up with (5 minutes tops, I was on a roll) πŸ™‚ I bet yours would have been awesome, you are a fantastic poet from what I have seen–and a great writer!! Cheers!

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