Banished Bangs


This great work of art is called: POOR (WO)MAN’S SUNSCREEN


This (er, off-center picture compliments of my daughter) great work of art is called:


The long bangs may be an improvement!  I wonder if I can glue them back on…


16 comments on “Banished Bangs

  1. You’re so CUTE! But if you don’t like it, the great thing about hair is…it grows back! Usually.

  2. You crack me up! lol

    • Gotta love QUIRKY. Makes the world a funnier place. You should work with me! Im a certified NUT! I am very proud of those bangs, I cut them myself. It doesn’t matter, my darn hair does what it wants to do, so crooked bangs just go with the natural flow 🙂 You didn’t see my picture when I was young–its on a post To Paleo or Not To Paleo–check out my hair then!

      • I have had all kinds of bangs! The way too short ones that I cut myself were the most humorous!!

        • My hair stylist refused to cut them. She told me I would only whine later. But heck, its my head and I wanted it cut. So that is exactly what I did. And I am perfectly happy with my crooked look. I might even start a new trend. Although I think it has all been done before. If you have time, go to my Poems–Odes–Ode to the Hair We Wear for a laugh.

  3. “I like the wild hair”- Wild West Virginia Man

  4. I am trying to grow out bangs I cut myself. For some reason they wont lie flat. They insist on standing up vertically like a cockatoo’s crest (only sideways) 🙂 I like the idea for a sunscreen. will try it out the next time I’m on the beach.

    • I hate that bang stage! I use my hair to hide from embarrassment or convey a quirky mood, so not having bangs is essential….that being said, I just needed a change! It’s lovely not having to paw at my hair all the time! I have used hair as a sunscreen lots of times, generally gets a laugh from people 🙂

  5. Big problems tonight Lori. I had emails about 3 posts, 2 about cats and one about a Supernatural experience. When I click to go there it becomes Suernatural as the system says
    ‘Well this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.’ but searching hasn’t helped and there’s no trace of the post titles on your blog. Is this a case of alien abduction?
    xxx Hugs xxx

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