Tribute Fibonacci

My mom is turning 70 and we gave her a big party.  She has never had a big party, and she is so excited about it.  Her family is here and she is in heaven.  Family is the most important part of her life outside of her love for God.  I didn’t have a choice when God gave me a mom.  I could have had a mom who abused me or didn’t love me.

But I hit gold when  I was given to her.  Her deep love for Stacey and I have been an anchor my whole life.  I don’t remember once when she yelled at me, although I know that I was a trial when very young.  She has been there through all my illness and pain, and I owe her my life when I was ready to snuff it out.

Thank you so much for being there for me no matter the trial.



Gentle Soul

Sacrificial Heart

Gifted by the Holy Spirit

Beloved face that shines with our Lord’s heavenly love

Your memory road, filled with kindness, true love is your legacy to all who know you.

8 comments on “Tribute Fibonacci

  1. You are so blessed to have your mom. I have to say I teared up with something resembling envy when I read this. Maybe not envy, just wishes and sadness for what God did not see fit to give me. Enjoy your mom….such a treasure.

    • She is a treasure. I wish there was a certificate that said a person was minimally capable of momhood. Heck we need to register to vote and get a license to drive and carry a gun, we should at least be licensed to parent a child!

  2. Congratulations to your Mom for her 70th. Congratulations to her for having reared children thoughtful enough to help her celebrate. Congratulations to her for having managed to instil the true idea of love in her children and having brought up one as wonderful as you.
    Congratulations to you to you for recognising how special a Mom this is.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • 🙂 Thank you David! You would love her. She gives the shirt off her back and will do anything for her kids! I wish I could be as good a mom as she, but bipolar disorder makes me struggle a bit with being a mom. Not that I should blame it on anything but myself, but perhaps you understand!

  3. Lucky you Lori, treasure your mother. Not everyone is so lucky. I believe everyone should have a mum who loves them.
    Happy birthday to your mum.

    • Thank you! I will tell her! And I appreciate your thoughtful comments on my small blog! You are a brave person writing erotica, and very good–made me squirm a bit ;). I have written for myself, but there are three things I will never be comfortable enough posting, and I think that may be one of them.

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